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Michael Eckert

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How One Library Saved $130,000 in Flooring Installation Costs – and Finally Beat Subfloor Moisture

Jun 20, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Subfloor moisture is the unseen enemy of flooring projects worldwide: high moisture levels can cause extensive delays, necessitate costly repairs, and even lead to total flooring failure. Sno-Isle Libraries experienced first-hand the problems subfloor moisture can cause, with one of their sites plagued by recurring moisture issues year after year.

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3 Simple Steps for an Easy Flooring Installation

Jun 7, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

A large flooring installation project can become complex and time-consuming - but it doesn't have to be that way. Today I'm reviewing the - sometimes unnecessary - steps that are factored into the majority of standard installation jobs, and how your flooring choices can help simplify the entire installation process.

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3 Sustainable Design Ideas for Interior Designers

May 17, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

When most people think about sustainability, end-of-life becomes their focal point: using recycled materials and selecting products that can be recycled after use. The concern with focusing on recycling is that it puts your attention on the end of a product's life, rather than working to maximize its useful life.

Additionally, products with a high percentage of recycled content are often less durable than products using virgin materials, meaning the lifecycle of each product is shorter than it could be - and as a result things need replacing sooner.

Fortunately, there are many ways to be sustainable that may be a better fit for your client's organization. Today, I'm sharing three ideas to inspire interior designers to make sustainability a priority - without compromising on the quality of design or product.

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What to Look for in Commercial Carpet Tile Adhesive

May 3, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

A significant amount of time and effort goes into selecting the right commercial carpet for clients - marrying desired aesthetics with practical requirements - but the type of adhesive used is often overlooked in the decision-making process.

However, not all flooring adhesives are the same: they may have different tolerances for moisture, or react differently to other products used in the installation process. So, how do you select the best adhesive to suit your install requirements?

Today we're sharing five key aspects to look for when reviewing carpet tile adhesive.

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How Flooring Dealers Can Win More Business with Milliken

Apr 10, 2017 / by Michael Eckert posted in Performance

New flooring projects can be won or lost over a matter of cents.

But with extensive floor prep and moisture management a necessary prerequisite on many projects, it can be next-to-impossible to outbid your competitors. Even if you could, there's a significant risk that money saved on moisture management and installation could bring with it the increased risk of total flooring failure.

Thankfully, there's a reliable solution. Here are three ways dealers can win more business with Milliken.

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How to Eliminate the Cost of Floor Prep & Moisture Mitigation

Feb 9, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

It's easy to assume that floor preparation and moisture mitigation are necessary parts of every renovation project. However, thanks to improvements in flooring design, it's now possible to save thousands of dollars on what were once unavoidable costs.

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4 Key Issues with Flooring Manufacturer Moisture Warranties

Feb 9, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Subfloor moisture is a significant issue, capable of undoing months of hard work.

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Who's Really Responsible for Failed Flooring?

Feb 7, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

When a flooring project you’ve managed fails – whether that’s because of a mold infestation, adhesive breakdown or flooring compatibility issues – it can feel as though other project players are looking to you for answers. Whenever projects go wrong, everyone – from contractors to the end user – is aiming to protect their investments, and so it’s expected that finger-pointing takes place.

However, apportioning blame does nothing to solve flooring failure for clients, and the longer it's not addressed, the more damage you’ll cause to client relationships that you’ve spent years building. To help you find a solution for your clients at the time when they most need your help, we’re looking at who’s responsible, and how to avoid project failure altogether.

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The Key to Installing Flooring Just 45 Days After a New Pour

Feb 3, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

How many of your projects are on hold right now while you wait for newly poured concrete to dry?

Under ideal conditions, newly poured concrete requires four to five months to fully dry out before it 's ready to accept flooring. That's an extensive 120 to 150-day project delay: your client will be concerned when all visible progress on-site grinds to a halt and your contractors will be anxious, waiting for the go-ahead to begin the next construction phase.

Fortunately, there is another option: you can reclaim some of that lost time and reduce the time you need to wait between new pour and flooring installation. In fact, it's possible to reduce concrete drying time by more than two-thirds.

Today we're sharing the secrets behind an expedited flooring install: rather than waiting 150 days for the concrete subfloor to dry, you can begin installing flooring in merely 45 days.

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Prevent Costly Flooring Install Delays With This Smart Solution

Feb 2, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Whether you're working with architects on a new construction project that's halted as the newly-poured concrete subfloor dries, or with general contractors on an expansive renovation that's facing lengthy delays while you wait for moisture testing to take place, it must seem like every flooring install is held up at some point.

Long delays on flooring installs can be expensive and time-consuming. To prevent unnecessary project delays from taking hold of your business, we've identified the biggest causes of delays on flooring projects and how can you avoid them altogether.

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