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A Simple Guide to Carpet Tiles

Nov 7, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Modular carpet tiles are an increasingly popular flooring choice, thanks to their durability, ease of installation, and design flexibility. But not all carpet tiles are created equal. To help you select the best carpet tiles for your flooring project, we're looking at some of the key traits of different carpet tiles, and how they affect the design and longevity of your carpet.

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6 Things to Look for in Standout School Carpet

Nov 2, 2017 / by Mike Patrick

Even with the best teachers, and the best curriculum, it isn't always possible to guarantee the best outcomes for students. In many instances, it's the learning environment which plays a crucial role, helping - or hindering - student progress.

The subtlest nuances of classroom design have a dramatic impact on learning, so today, we're looking at six ways your choice of carpet can contribute to a healthy, productive learning environment.

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How to Design a Classroom that Prioritizes Student Health and Wellness

Oct 31, 2017 / by Mike Patrick

Young children are more susceptible to coughs, colds and minor illnesses than adults - who have a more mature immune system.

As we've become increasingly aware of the impact our built environment can have on the people using the space, it's now possible to take steps in your school and classroom designs to improve the health and wellness of building occupants.

We're looking at five elements of your classroom design that can help improve student health and wellness, to minimize time they spend off sick, and maximize learning time in the classroom.

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How to Specify Versatile Commercial Carpet Tile

Oct 26, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Most people treat modular carpet tiles as a static product - something that gets installed at the start of its life, and removed several years later when it's time for a replacement. However, one of the biggest advantages of modular carpet tiles is their versatility: it's possible to lift and re-lay tiles in different areas, to change-up the look of your commercial space and refresh the design without undertaking a full renovation project.

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4 Extra Sources of Inspiration for Your Office Renovation Project

Oct 24, 2017 / by Mike Brown

When you're starting to plan your next office renovation, a little design inspiration can go a long way. It's useful to have an idea of how you want the new space to look, before you enlist the help of an interior designer, so you can guide the discussions and they can advise you on how to fit your ideas to your renovation budget.

While interior designers will have their own creative ideas about how to redesign your office space, and are experts in creating stunning spaces, it's your office, so having your own ideas to bring to the table will help keep the design in-line with something that works for your company on a practical, as well as an aesthetic level.

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4 Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Oct 19, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is currently the fastest-growing flooring product in the world. We're revealing the secrets behind the surging popularity of LVT, and sharing four factors that make it a top flooring choice for your next project.

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8 Office Design Trends to Inspire Your Next Project

Oct 17, 2017 / by Mike Brown

We work closely with designers and architects across the country, supplying flooring to some of the hottest office design projects around. We've spent a lot of time uncovering new and emerging design trends found in huge open plan spaces and small, private offices. Whatever the size of your upcoming projects, here are eight hot design trends to inspire your next office design.

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4 Key Elements of Modern Classroom Design

Oct 12, 2017 / by Mike Patrick

School classrooms have looked the same for decades: a series of individual desks angled to face the front, where a teacher stands to address the class. But with changes in teaching styles and types of work students are doing, combined with a greater understanding of the learning process, there's a growing need for a new approach to classroom design.

We've identified four key elements of modern classrooms, to help you design a learning space that works for students today, and will continue to meet their needs for years into the future.

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4 Reasons Your Modern Office Needs Modular Carpet Tiles

Oct 10, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Modular carpet tiles are a popular commercial flooring option, but are sometimes overlooked in modern offices, in favor of hard flooring types that create a slick, polished aesthetic. While these types of flooring may create a look that is desirable in modern offices, organizations often find that they have compromised in other, practical areas, and negatively affected the office environment.

Today we're sharing how modular carpet can create a welcoming, comfortable working environment, as well as a visually stunning modern workplace. Discover four reasons why modular carpet tiles should be the top flooring choice for modern offices.

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What's the Difference Between 7 Different Types of Commercial Carpet?

Oct 5, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

When you're comparing different commercial carpet types, it can be difficult to look past different patterns and colors. However, the type of carpet you choose will have a lasting impact on your organization: different carpet types require different levels of maintenance, and some wear out and need replacing sooner than more durable options.

Today, we're comparing seven different types of commercial carpet, covering different construction and dye methods, to help you understand the practical differences between different carpet options.

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