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4 Office Design Ideas to Improve Collaboration

Apr 12, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Offices are embracing open-concept layouts as a way to improve communication and collaboration between employees, but removing walls and cubicles is only the starting point. There are several items you can tackle in your office design to overcome the challenges associated with open office working and encourage increased collaboration.

Here are four of the most popular design ideas to improve collaboration in open offices.

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How Flooring Dealers Can Win More Business with Milliken

Apr 10, 2017 / by Michael Eckert posted in Performance

New flooring projects can be won or lost over a matter of cents.

But with extensive floor prep and moisture management a necessary prerequisite on many projects, it can be next-to-impossible to outbid your competitors. Even if you could, there's a significant risk that money saved on moisture management and installation could bring with it the increased risk of total flooring failure.

Thankfully, there's a reliable solution. Here are three ways dealers can win more business with Milliken.

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How to Select the Best Commercial Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Apr 5, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Selecting vinyl flooring tiles for design projects can be a complicated process. With so many designs and options to choose between, how do you identify which is the best fit for your client from a practical, as well as an aesthetic, standpoint?

Keep these four key practical considerations top of mind to specify the best vinyl flooring tiles for upcoming projects.

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4 Reasons to Select Plush Carpet Tiles for Your Next Flooring Project

Apr 3, 2017 / by Mike Brown

There are aspects of commercial spaces that should really stand out, be it an executive office or a meeting room. Broadloom carpets are the traditional go-to for creating a plush, luxurious floor, but they aren't always the best option for the rigorous demands of a busy workplace.

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5 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions Disproved

Mar 29, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance are essential for extending the life of commercial carpet. While carpet is relatively simple to clean and maintain, the issue is complicated by a handful of pervasive misconceptions that lead to carpets being improperly maintained - shortening their usable life.

Today, we're disproving five common misconceptions about commercial carpet cleaning so you can make informed decisions about your cleaning requirements and keep your carpet looking new for longer.

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What's the Difference Between Commercial Carpet Squares and Planks?

Mar 27, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Selecting modular carpet can seem like a never-ending list of decisions to make. Color, pattern, size, shape - small decisions that all have a significant impact on your finished project. From large square tiles to narrow carpet 'planks,' it can be difficult to determine which is the right shape and size for your organization. With that in mind, we’re identifying the most common commercial carpet tile sizes – and exploring the different uses of each.

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5 Reasons to Reconsider Wood Flooring for Commercial Interiors

Mar 22, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Wood flooring has a timeless aesthetic. In commercial spaces, it offers a great way to introduce an organic, biophilic feel into select areas, coordinating different styles around its simplicity and classic appeal.

But while wood flooring is a great fit in certain spaces, in some parts of the commercial environment, the rigorous demands of the modern workplace can mean that other flooring products might be a better choice.

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Say Goodbye to Tile Flooring, and Hello to LVT

Mar 20, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Stone and ceramic tile flooring create a striking aesthetic, and so it can be a popular choice for high-end office lobbies or reception areas, as well as in spaces you conventionally expect to be tiled, such as bathrooms and kitchens. But in modern commercial environments, are hard stone or ceramic tiles the best - and safest - option?

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How to Select the Right Type of Floor Covering for Your Commercial Space

Mar 15, 2017 / by Mike Brown

When it comes to selecting flooring for your commercial space, there are various options to choose from, and they all have their respective merits and drawbacks. It can be difficult to determine which type of flooring best suits your organization's specific needs. To make the right decision, you need to look beyond the aesthetics of each flooring type and consider the day-to-day practicalities first.

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How to Refresh Office Carpet Without a Complete Redesign

Mar 13, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Redesigning an office can be a great morale booster for the entire team. Unfortunately, it's a lot of work, so it is often delayed until it's absolutely necessary. However, there are several smaller changes you can make to refresh a workplace without requiring a major renovation.

Your choice of flooring has a surprising visual impact on your office: it covers the entirety of your space and offers a myriad of color and design options. As such, your office carpet provides a fantastic opportunity for a visual refresh without going through a complete redesign. Here are four ways you can enhance the look of your office by making small changes on the floor plane.

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