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10 Creative Office Environments to Inspire Your Next Office Redesign

Posted on Sep 19, 2016, by Mike Brown

How many of your clients come to you wanting an office redesign inspired by Google, Facebook, or any other big name with multi-million dollar offices that are way out of budget? Today we’re sharing with you ten creative office spaces that your clients will love – with the added bonus of them being affordable and achievable.

Featured image: JDA Software, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Design and photography by Corgan.

1) PKWARE Inc.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


The non-linear desk layout and variety of office desks will add creative flair to any of your clients’ office spaces. The industrial look of this office space is very eye-catching, but this unconventional layout will work in more traditional office settings too, facilitating communication and creativity in open plan offices. Design by Chemistry In Place, photography by Tricia Shay.

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2) Astellas

Surrey, UK


In open offices it can be difficult to separate different spaces without putting up walls. The Astellas office makes use of non-solid partitions to divide spaces. Their meeting space dividers are particularly interesting: they create a closed-off, private space but still let light into the space.

3) Unilever Colombia

Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia


Another great way to divide up your client’s open office space is through varied flooring choices. Different flooring creates a clear division between one area and the next, without needing any dividers to split up the space. This keeps your client’s open office ‘open’, but clearly marks out different zones within their office to be used for different purposes. Design and photography courtesy of Grupo Dossarq Architects. 

4) Matter

Chicago, Illinois, USA


While open offices are great for collaboration and communication, having lots of people working in one shared workspace can sometimes mean team productivity suffers. Matter use a mix of open office space and closed, private meeting rooms and workspaces to give their employees a variety of different working environments to choose from.

This is great for improving workplace privacy, creating spaces for private meetings and personal conversations. Designed by Gensler, photography by Garrett Rowland.  

5) Getty Images

Chicago, Illinois, USA


Having glass walls on private offices is a great way to allow light to travel throughout your client’s workspace. However, for people using these ‘private’ offices, they may feel like they’ve lost out on ‘privacy’, instead working in a room where everyone can see them. Getty Images uses window decals to decorate the glass, drawing attention away from whoever’s in the room, giving them more privacy without adding frosting or other window coverings that would let less light through. Designed by Box Studios, photography by James John Jetel. 

6) Zipcar

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


This is another office that uses a mix of open offices and closed, private meeting rooms. These spaces are clearly designed to facilitate creative idea sharing: the blackboard and whiteboard walls are a fun, creative alternative to flipchart paper for brainstorming. Designed by Margulies Perruzzi Architects, photography by Warren Patterson.

7) WhitePages

Seattle, Washington, USA


These wall-mounted cycle racks are a visually-striking way for employees at WhitePages to store their bikes. While this may not be for everyone (particularly if your clients have offices in locations that have particularly harsh winters), it’s a great way for your clients to showcase their investment in the health and wellness of their employees, and to make healthy habits a workplace priority. Designed by Interior Architects, photography by Sherman Takata.

8) Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Milwaukee Bucks use their branding to theme their offices. What better way to differentiate between ‘Meeting Room 1’ and ‘Meeting Room 2’ than by giving them creative names relating to your client’s business? Design by Eppstein Uhen Architects, photography by Tricia Shay. 

9) JDA Software

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


If your clients want a breakout area in their new office space, it’s vital that you design a space that feels very different from their main, heads-down workspace. JDA Software uses different flooring to mark out the division between the two spaces, offers a range of different seating options, as well as a ping pong table to give employees a chance to let off steam in a fun way. Design and photography by Corgan. 

10) Organic Valley

Cashton, Wisconsin, USA


Artwork can be a great way to bring creativity into the workplace. Organic Valley mixes pictures on their office walls with full-size murals, all relating to their product and industry. They’ve even expanded their mural into the carpet with the spilled milk effect – this is actually a custom carpet design. This adds personality and color to their offices, creating a more welcoming, creative environment. Design by Organic Valley, photography by Tricia Shay. 


Mike Brown

Written by Mike Brown