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2016 Pattern Trends for Residential Design

Posted on Feb 2, 2016, by Mollie Williams

While others might follow trends of floor covering construction, at Milliken, we follow patterning trends. We work in a unique space with our patented printing technology because we can uniquely create a diverse and infinite amount of patterns, which other manufacturing techniques do not allow. We can also introduce texture through color, instead of being limited to achieving texture only through construction.

So what are the patterning trends for residential design?

According to Milliken Residential Senior Designer Ginny Jones, distressed patterns are taking the stage. Older, more timeless designs, like Persian and Damask styles, now have an added layer of distressing for a vintage, washed aesthetic. This delivers a more modern appeal – a very grounded, soft aesthetic in contrast to the geometric patterns that have been popular for quite a while. However, hard-line geometrics and textures are still very relevant and work well with a wide variety of furniture styles.

As for color, we’re seeing subtle shifts as neutrals continue to warm and be used alongside cooler tones. As expected, grays continue to be important. More saturated, darker ranges now include peacock, marine, and plum, while light, washed tones are very relevant for distressed textures. 

Eight new design additions to Milliken’s popular Imagine collection, which were introduced at SURFACES 2016, address these overarching trends. Three styles offer a distressed and washed effect while three others are more geometric, finding their roots in architecture and ornament. The last two styles are more textural in nature.

When incorporating new patterns into your home or space, consider layering them to add texture and intrigue. According to Vern Yip in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine, “The trick to successfully layering patterns is to mix the scale of them and stick to a fairly tight color palette.” He achieved this idea in his design for the den and family room of the 2015 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Show House, which features Linkage from Milliken’s Imagine floor covering collection. 

At Milliken, we’re always inspired by the possibilities of what high-resolution printing can bring to interior design. In turn, we hope our new patterns inspire you to reimagine your home in 2016.

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams