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4 Extra Sources of Inspiration for Your Office Renovation Project

Posted on Oct 24, 2017, by Mike Brown

When you're starting to plan your next office renovation, a little design inspiration can go a long way. It's useful to have an idea of how you want the new space to look, before you enlist the help of an interior designer, so you can guide the discussions and they can advise you on how to fit your ideas to your renovation budget.

While interior designers will have their own creative ideas about how to redesign your office space, and are experts in creating stunning spaces, it's your office, so having your own ideas to bring to the table will help keep the design in-line with something that works for your company on a practical, as well as an aesthetic level.

So we've pulled together four resources, digests and round-ups, packed full of inspiration for your next office renovation.

Featured image: Hargreaves Lansdown, Bristol, UK. Design firm: Harmsen Tilney Shane

1) Pinterest

Whenever we speak with designers, Pinterest always comes up as their go-to source of design inspiration, so it makes sense that this can be a fantastic source of inspiration for you, too.

One of the biggest benefits of making Pinterest your first stop for design inspiration is the sheer quantity of images shared. So whether you're looking for inspiration for a small private office, or a huge open-plan space, you're bound to find plenty of relevant images.

Good for: Everything. Variety of design ideas, color palettes, both big picture and small details.

2) OfficeLovin'

This site is dedicated to showcasing slick, beautiful office spaces. You can search by office location (in the US you can narrow by state, and even by city in some instances), designers, and also by type of organization or business.

You can see the hottest office concepts used by tech startups - who are usually the ones setting the latest design trends - and use that to predict what will be on-trend in the coming months and years in your industry. It's a perfect resource for anyone looking for to "wow" with a cutting-edge office space.

Good for: Inspiration if you've got a large office space and a big budget.

3) Office Snapshots

If the offices showcased on OfficeLovin' were too big to be relevant to your project, Office Snapshots is a great alternative. You can search designs by office size, location, designer and more. Even better, you can look at examples of particular spaces in an office, such as breakout spaces and meeting rooms, or at examples of current design trends like living walls or games rooms.

Good for: Inspiration for all aspects of your renovation project - even furniture choices and other products.

4) Office Design Gallery

Similar to OfficeLovin' and Office Snapshots, this is another dedicated resource that showcases inspiring office designs. It's a great source of ideas and inspiration to search through, and you can search by many different criteria: office size, color, country - and even designer.

Good for: General inspiration.

Whether you're re-designing your entire office, or simply trying to brighten up your breakout areas, these resources are a fantastic place to start looking for design inspiration. You can also check out Milliken's project profiles to take a look at recent completed projects featuring Milliken flooring products.


Mike Brown

Written by Mike Brown