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4 Reasons to Select Plush Carpet Tiles for Your Next Flooring Project

Posted on Apr 3, 2017, by Mike Brown

There are aspects of commercial spaces that should really stand out, be it an executive office or a meeting room. Broadloom carpets are the traditional go-to for creating a plush, luxurious floor, but they aren't always the best option for the rigorous demands of a busy workplace.

Innovations in design and manufacturing technology enable modular carpet to pair luxurious feel and design with unparalleled durability and practicality. Today, we're looking at four reasons to specify plush carpet tiles for your next flooring project.

Featured image: Quarles & Brady LLP, Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA. Design firm: Chemistry in Place

1) Unbeatable Durability

When we refer to a "plush" carpet, we typically mean something that feels soft, thick and supportive underfoot - a carpet that's practical, but also a bit indulgent.

Traditional broadloom carpets achieve that feeling with a high fiber face weight, pile height and pile density - imagine long, thick tufts of soft fiber, packed close together. However, in high-traffic commercial environments, this can come at the expense of durability. High pile carpets are more susceptible to damage from foot traffic: the yarn can crush and quickly show signs of wear.

Plush carpet tiles take a slightly different approach, achieving their luxurious feeling through a combination of high pile density, and importantly, the backing material built into the tile. Milliken uses a specialized type of cushion backing, known as open cell cushion backing - the same material that provides support and comfort in high-performance athletic shoes.

Cushion backing helps to absorb the impact of foot traffic, protecting the carpet's fibers from wear. In practical terms, this type of modular carpet can last 40-50% longer than hard-backed products; allowing you to pair comfort and support with unparalleled durability, even in high-traffic spaces. While it is possible to select cushioning for broadloom carpets, this comes as an optional extra and with an additional cost.

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2) Improved Ergonomics

Comfort is a significant part of any plush carpet - and it should extend beyond the feel of the fiber.

Muscle strain and sore feet are increasingly common problems in the workplace, especially with the growing trend of sit-to-stand working. Though plush broadloom will feel nice to the touch, it can rarely help alleviate these wider, ergonomic problems without incurring additional costs for cushioning.

On the contrary, plush carpet tiles can have a noticeable impact on health and wellness. Cushion-backed carpet tiles have been shown to reduce muscle fatigue by as much as 24% and heel impact loads by 30% - enabling a noticeable increase in comfort and well-being throughout the day.

3) Lower Waste and Greater Reuse Potential

There are also additional practical benefits to specifying plush carpet tiles over broadloom.

Most flooring manufacturers agree that installing broadloom carpet can generate around 15% waste in carpet offcuts. Over the course of a big project, that results in considerable unnecessary expense - especially if those offcuts are not diverted from landfills. In contrast, the modular design of plush carpet tiles allows fewer offcuts, reducing the amount of waste to just 1-3% during a typical installation.

The durability benefits mentioned earlier also often enable carpet tiles to be reused. When a space is being refreshed, it's possible to relocate existing carpet tiles from one space, such as an executive office, to another install site, such as a meeting room - something that you simply can't do with broadloom.

4) Unparalleled Design Freedom

Modular carpet has evolved with incredible design and aesthetic potentials that were once not possible. Modern modular carpet uses cutting-edge technology to create stunning, high-resolution designs that are chemically bonded to the tile's fiber. Using Milliken's unique Digital Dye Infusion process, you can create any design and pattern that fits your unique space and be confident that it'll look like new for years to come.

With innovations in fiber and backing materials, the texture of carpet tiles has tremendously evolved as well. Thanks to all of the benefits we've covered here, carpet tiles are now a viable - and desirable - solution to achieve the plush aesthetic desired in commercial space.

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Mike Brown

Written by Mike Brown