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4 Reasons Your Modern Office Needs Modular Carpet Tiles

Posted on Oct 10, 2017, by Mike Brown

Modular carpet tiles are a popular commercial flooring option, but are sometimes overlooked in modern offices, in favor of hard flooring types that create a slick, polished aesthetic. While these types of flooring may create a look that is desirable in modern offices, organizations often find that they have compromised in other, practical areas, and negatively affected the office environment.

Today we're sharing how modular carpet can create a welcoming, comfortable working environment, as well as a visually stunning modern workplace. Discover four reasons why modular carpet tiles should be the top flooring choice for modern offices.

Featured image: Grubhub, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

1) Health and Wellness Benefits

Employee health and wellness is a growing priority for forward-thinking organizations and businesses: with employees spending more and more time in the workplace, it's crucial to design a working environment that keeps everyone comfortable and healthy.

In modern offices, sit-to-stand working is growing in popularity, and in these workplaces your choice of flooring is crucial. Selecting modular carpet tiles with cushion backing can improve the comfort and well-being of standing workers. Open cell cushioning uses the same type of technology found in high-performance athletic shoes. With greater underfoot support, this type of carpet tile can reduce muscle fatigue by as much as 24%, and heel impact loads by up to 30%.

This translates into fewer aches and pains and real benefits for those employees who stand for large portions of their working day.

2) Acoustic Benefits

Cushion backed carpet tiles also offer acoustic benefits, which are essential for the growing number of open plan offices. With no walls to block sound, ambient noise levels can quickly reach unmanageable levels if left unchecked.

The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers recommends that offices have a noise range between 49 and 58 dBA so as not to distract workers, but workers themselves prefer lower noise levels – not exceeding 52 dBA. (source)

Therefore it's crucial for designers to select flooring for modern offices that works to minimize ambient noise. The best type of flooring for sound absorption is open cell cushion-backed carpet, which excels at absorbing structure-borne noise generated by chairs, foot traffic and trolleys, and offers significant acoustic benefits over hard-backed carpet, and hard surface flooring.


3) Designs that will Last

Modular carpet can be incredibly durable and long-lasting. The type of backing on your chosen carpet tile has a significant impact on the longevity and appearance retention of the carpet, as it affects how the carpet tiles manage everyday wear and tear.

The appearance of hard-back carpet deteriorates quickly because the carpet fibers directly absorb the impact of foot and wheeled traffic. Open cell cushion backing transfers that impact to the backing instead, and protects the carpet fibers from wear and tear. In practical terms, this can result in cushion-backed carpet tiles lasting 40-50% longer than hard-backed tiles, meaning the modern office space you've designed maintains its as-new appearance for much longer.

This makes cushion-backed carpet tiles a sustainable design choice - an added bonus for forward-thinking designers. If your chosen carpet tile lasts longer than an alternative option, then it will need replacing less frequently, meaning you're creating less waste over the lifetime of the building.

4) Maximum Design Freedom

Carpet tiles are available in a range of sizes and shapes, enabling you to create a myriad of design aesthetics. Whether you wish to include bright pops of color by adding accent tiles, create a subtle pattern by off-setting or rotating tiles, or facilitate wayfinding in a large space, modular carpet can be laid in many arrangements to shape the aesthetic in a way that can't be achieved with other carpet types.

Additionally, carpet tiles offer an incredible range of design options: Milliken specializes in printed carpet tiles, using a proprietary technology that's been refined and developed over the last 40 years. This technology makes it possible to create extremely accurate, high-definition patterns and color gradations, in very specific locations on the tile.

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Mike Brown

Written by Mike Brown