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8 Office Design Trends to Inspire Your Next Project

Posted on Oct 17, 2017, by Mike Brown

We work closely with designers and architects across the country, supplying flooring to some of the hottest office design projects around. We've spent a lot of time uncovering new and emerging design trends found in huge open plan spaces and small, private offices. Whatever the size of your upcoming projects, here are eight hot design trends to inspire your next office design.

Featured image: Matter, Chicago, Illinois, USA

1) Commercial Meets Residential

Office design trends - commercial meets residential.jpgPKWARE, Inc. - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

There's a blurring of the lines between commercial and residential design aesthetics. Where office spaces were formerly confined to stiff, neutral color palettes, designers are increasingly embracing a more creative aesthetic that draws on the comfort and energy of residential design.

This is reflected in the increased use of bright colors, as well as different fabrics and materials selected.

2) Banish Bland Color Palettes

Office design trends - banish bland color palettes.jpg

Splunk - San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA

Gone are the days where offices are bland and uninspiring, limited to neutral colors with no personality. Instead, we're seeing an increased use of bright, vivid colors in office spaces. Designers are bringing vibrant color schemes into spaces through their choice of furniture, soft furnishings such as blinds or curtains or artwork - or through structural elements such as wall colors or bright flooring.

3) Funky Breakout Spaces

Office design trends - breakout spaces.jpg

Google 1808 North Shoreline - Mountain View, California, USA.

Breakout spaces are a valuable addition to any office space, boosting team productivity and creativity by offering an alternative to your normal, heads-down workplace.

They're also a great way to inject some color, fun and personality into the office environment, as they're the perfect space for funky furniture, bright colors and different materials and textures.

4) Mix Work and Play

Office design trends - work and play.jpg

JDA Software - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

With breakout spaces growing in popularity, as well as the blend of commercial and residential design aesthetics, we're also seeing a mix of work and play spaces in the workplace. This has been driven by design trends in the tech space, which is always a few steps ahead of the rest of the country thanks to the huge amounts of money invested in creating cutting-edge workspaces.

Common examples of how companies blend work and play in their offices include placing foosball tables or table tennis tables in breakout spaces, putting beer taps in the kitchen, or providing a lounge area with a TV and video games for employee use.

5) Flexible Furniture

Office design trends - flexible furniture.jpg

SABMiller, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

The open office trend is here to stay, and designers are looking for ways to capitalize on the collaborative work opportunities it offers.

One popular way is to select modular furniture that can be configured in lots of different ways, to suit different sized work groups. Most commonly this is seating, with chairs that are easy to move around, or cushioned blocks you can sit on, and easily move from one area to another.

6) Integrated Technology

Technological flexibility is becoming more and more important in offices, and as such architects and designers are making choices that build it in to the space more consciously. For example, it's becoming more popular to select furniture with integrated charging functionality for smartphones and tablets.

7) Unconventional Desks

Office design trends - unconventional desks.jpg

Matter, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Employees spend upwards of eight hours a day in the office - and the majority of those are spent at their desks. As a result, there's a growing trend to selecting desks that offer benefits on top of being a practical workspace.

For example, treadmill desks and sit-stand desks are increasingly popular, thanks to the health and wellness benefits they provide. Alternatively, in open plan workspaces there's a trend towards using benches rather than individual desks, as this helps to foster a sense of collaboration by creating a shared workspace.

8) Living Walls

Office design trends - living walls.jpg

Dexter Station, Seattle, Washington, USA

Biophilic design is one of the hottest design trends right now, thanks to the health and wellness benefits it offers. Studies have shown that views of nature, access to greenery, and natural lighting, help employees feel better able to focus effectively during work.

On a small scale, you can incorporate biophilic elements in your office designs by adding more pot plants. However, for a big-impact design statement, living walls are the way to go.


Mike Brown

Written by Mike Brown