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Alan Fennell

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Is Laminate Flooring a Smart Commercial Flooring Option?

Jan 31, 2018 / by Alan Fennell

Laminate is a popular flooring choice, but is it a good option for commercial installations? We're looking at the relative strengths and weaknesses of laminate flooring, to understand whether it's a smart commercial flooring choice, or if there are better alternatives.

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9 Questions to Ask Before Buying Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Nov 21, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Selecting new flooring can be a minefield if you don't have access to the right information. How can you tell whether the flooring you're considering is suited to your organization's practical - as well as aesthetic - requirements?

To help you choose the right luxury vinyl tiles, we’ve put together nine essential questions, offering insights into durability, appearance retention, design and installation, to help you choose flooring that's the perfect fit for your organization.

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4 Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Oct 19, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is currently the fastest-growing flooring product in the world. We're revealing the secrets behind the surging popularity of LVT, and sharing four factors that make it a top flooring choice for your next project.

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Engineered Hardwood Floors: 6 Pros and Cons

Aug 31, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Engineered hardwood flooring is made from layers of ply that are bonded together, and topped with a layer of real hardwood. This creates an aesthetic that's very similar to real wood flooring, without the high price point. But how does it compare to other hard flooring types?

Today we're weighing up the pros and cons of engineered hardwood floors, to help you assess whether it's a smart flooring choice for your organization.

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How to Choose The Best LVT for New Offices

Jun 27, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is an increasingly popular flooring for commercial installations. But with concerns over rising noise levels impacting employee productivity, there's growing uncertainty over the use of particular hard flooring in office environments.

Today we're exploring whether LVT is an ideal fit for an office as well as three crucial factors to consider to ensure you select the best LVT for your specific space.

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3 Alternatives to Laminate Wood Flooring​

May 31, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

For years, laminate flooring has been the go-to choice for organizations looking to capture the timeless aesthetic of wood flooring without incurring its high costs of installation and maintenance.

But changes in flooring technology mean that laminate flooring isn't the only option to recreate the feel of wood flooring.

Today, we're sharing three alternatives to laminate flooring.

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Linoleum vs Vinyl Flooring: What's the Difference?

May 8, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Selecting long-lasting, durable hard flooring can be a difficult choice. There are many types of flooring available, yet it can be difficult to understand the differences between various floorings to choose the ideal option that best suits your facility.

Today we're comparing two common types of resilient flooring - linoleum and vinyl - and sharing four key differences between them.

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The Important Role of an LVT Wearlayer

Apr 19, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

There are two common types of vinyl flooring tiles: vinyl composite tile (VCT) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). One of the most significant differences between the two flooring types is that luxury vinyl tiles have a wearlayer on top of their printed design, whereas vinyl composite tiles do not. This impacts everything from maintenance requirements to durability.

But what is the wearlayer, and why is it such an important consideration when you're selecting new vinyl flooring?

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How to Select the Best Commercial Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Apr 5, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Selecting vinyl flooring tiles for design projects can be a complicated process. With so many designs and options to choose between, how do you identify which is the best fit for your client from a practical, as well as an aesthetic, standpoint?

Keep these four key practical considerations top of mind to specify the best vinyl flooring tiles for upcoming projects.

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Say Goodbye to Tile Flooring, and Hello to LVT

Mar 20, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Stone and ceramic tile flooring create a striking aesthetic, and so it can be a popular choice for high-end office lobbies or reception areas, as well as in spaces you conventionally expect to be tiled, such as bathrooms and kitchens. But in modern commercial environments, are hard stone or ceramic tiles the best - and safest - option?

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