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Mike Brown

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Flooring Types: The Pros and Cons of 7 Commercial Flooring Choices

Nov 14, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Choosing commercial flooring can be difficult, with such a wide range of flooring types available. Each type of commercial flooring creates a different aesthetic and has a huge impact on the indoor environment.

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6 Design Ideas for an Office Renovation Project

Nov 9, 2017 / by Mike Brown

An office renovation is the perfect opportunity to turn an uninspiring space into something that impresses employees and visitors. When undertaking a whole-office renovation, you want to be sure that the time, budget and effort you're investing will deliver a new space with that 'wow' factor, to help inspire and motivate current and prospective employees.

So today we're looking at six design ideas to help you create a stand-out office space.

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4 Extra Sources of Inspiration for Your Office Renovation Project

Oct 24, 2017 / by Mike Brown

When you're starting to plan your next office renovation, a little design inspiration can go a long way. It's useful to have an idea of how you want the new space to look, before you enlist the help of an interior designer, so you can guide the discussions and they can advise you on how to fit your ideas to your renovation budget.

While interior designers will have their own creative ideas about how to redesign your office space, and are experts in creating stunning spaces, it's your office, so having your own ideas to bring to the table will help keep the design in-line with something that works for your company on a practical, as well as an aesthetic level.

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8 Office Design Trends to Inspire Your Next Project

Oct 17, 2017 / by Mike Brown

We work closely with designers and architects across the country, supplying flooring to some of the hottest office design projects around. We've spent a lot of time uncovering new and emerging design trends found in huge open plan spaces and small, private offices. Whatever the size of your upcoming projects, here are eight hot design trends to inspire your next office design.

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4 Reasons Your Modern Office Needs Modular Carpet Tiles

Oct 10, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Modular carpet tiles are a popular commercial flooring option, but are sometimes overlooked in modern offices, in favor of hard flooring types that create a slick, polished aesthetic. While these types of flooring may create a look that is desirable in modern offices, organizations often find that they have compromised in other, practical areas, and negatively affected the office environment.

Today we're sharing how modular carpet can create a welcoming, comfortable working environment, as well as a visually stunning modern workplace. Discover four reasons why modular carpet tiles should be the top flooring choice for modern offices.

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The Pros and Cons of PVC Backed Carpet Tiles

Oct 3, 2017 / by Mike Brown

In recent years, PVC products have come under increasing scrutiny, particularly from designers and architects looking to vet products containing PVC, and ensure their suitability for health-conscious projects.

Flooring is one area where PVC still has a foothold, so today, we're helping you to understand the pros and cons of using PVC-backed carpet tiles in your next project.

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How Modular Carpet Tiles can Breathe New Life into Your Office Design

Sep 21, 2017 / by Mike Brown

We spend upwards of 40 hours every week in the office - more of our waking time than we spend anywhere else. As such, it's becoming increasingly important to design office spaces that not only look the part, but create a comfortable working environment too. We're sharing five ways your choice of carpet can breathe new life into your office design, and create a space that improves communication, collaboration and engagement between employees.

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How to Overcome the 3 Biggest Barriers to Adoption of Sit-to-Stand Working

Sep 7, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Sit-to-stand working is one of the most popular workplace trends of recent years, thanks to the growing awareness of the health risks associated with extended sedentary periods. Employers are embracing the sit-stand work trend as a way to encourage their employees to be more active, and in turn to improve health and wellness across their organization.

However, it doesn't always catch-on. There's nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars investing in top-of-the-range sit-stand desks, only to realize that none of your employees use them except in the default 'seated' position.

To help you avoid this waste of resources, we've identified the three biggest barriers to adoption of sit-to-stand working, with suggestions to help you overcome them.

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Health and Wellness: the Next Era of Sustainable Design

Aug 29, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Sustainability has long been a priority for designers looking to make a positive impact with their work, beyond simply focusing on aesthetics and functionality. But now every major company has its own 'green' stance and sustainability measures in place, and there's a new trend emerging in sustainable design.

Increasingly, designers are turning their attentions towards health and wellness, finding ways to design a space that's good for its users. People become the focal point of the design: how will they use this space every day, and how can we design it to improve their lives?

Today we're looking at these shifting priorities in sustainable design, and exploring exactly why health and wellness is on the rise.

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6 Hot Interior Design Trends We've Seen in 2017

Aug 16, 2017 / by Mike Brown

When you're investing in an office redesign, you want more than a fresh coat of paint: you want to improve the space and how your employees, customers and visitors experience it. The desire to improve your experience of a space is one of the driving forces behind this year's hottest interior design trends.

We've spent a lot of time talking with architects and designers, and visiting trade shows like NeoCon 2017, to uncover emerging design ideas to keep your renovation project on-trend. From color, to materials, to concepts, we're sharing 6 of the hottest interior design trends of 2017.

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