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Mike Patrick

Recent Posts

How to Maximize LEED Credits During a School Redesign

Feb 27, 2017 / by Mike Patrick

LEED credits are used to evaluate the environmental performance of buildings as a way to encourage sustainable building and renovation practices. Sustainability has been a century-long core value at Milliken, so today, we're sharing four interior elements that can be addressed during a renovation to help your school achieve more LEED credits in line with the new LEED v4 standard.

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How to Replicate the Best Learning Environments in Schools

Jan 23, 2017 / by Mike Patrick

When you're planning a classroom renovation, it's easy to focus on cosmetic details and overlook the improvements that will have the biggest impact on student achievement. To help you create the best learning environments in your school, I'm reviewing the five environmental factors that are crucial for student success, along with tips for adopting these best practices in the classroom.

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How to Encourage Blended Learning Through Classroom Design

Jan 9, 2017 / by Mike Patrick

Blended learning programs combine online learning with traditional, classroom-based teaching. Technology becomes increasingly important in blended learning programs, for students and teachers alike.

Unfortunately, the majority of schools aren’t equipped to meet today’s technological requirements. As technology becomes more integral in school curriculums, many classrooms will require a renovation to provide students with access to the technology they require in class.

Today, I’m sharing four classroom design tips to facilitate blended learning.

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How to Maintain Your School’s New Flooring

Nov 15, 2016 / by Mike Patrick

The condition of your school’s facilities has a big impact on your students: according to a study by Maureen Edwards, “improvement in the condition of the building is associated with improvement in achievement scores”.

Therefore, when you invest in new flooring for your school, you want to keep them looking as-new for as long as possible, in order to increase pride in your school facilities, lower absence levels and improve student morale. Adhering to a proper cleaning and maintenance schedule is the single most important thing you can do to maintain the appearance of your new flooring for years to come.

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5 Ways to Improve Your School’s Library Design

Oct 12, 2016 / by Mike Patrick

Your school’s library makes a vital contribution to student success, complementing classroom learning and providing an additional learning environment.

Research has repeatedly shown how important classroom design is for student performance and outcomes, and it’s clear that this holds true for all learning environments, not just traditional classrooms. Therefore, your school’s library design is just as important as classroom design.

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Are Your School Facilities Harming Student Outcomes?

Sep 28, 2016 / by Mike Patrick

Research has repeatedly shown that classroom design has a significant impact on student performance – but what about the rest of your school facilities? Today I’m looking at how your school’s entire campus affects student outcomes.

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