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Continental Celebrates Shapes & Textures of Earth’s Changing Topographies

Posted on Aug 2, 2016, by Mollie Williams

The earth is a never-ending well of inspiration. From lush flora and mineral formations, to the forces that form these evolving terrains, the natural world has been inspiring our new floor covering collections throughout 2016. Discover how we looked to nature once more to create Continental, using our unique lens of Milliken technology and design expertise.

The magnitude of the earth’s dynamic geological processes creates awe and inspires wonder. Propelled by deep underground activity, natural forces separate and merge the earth’s crust to form new landscapes. Transformations are both steady and immediate. Continents are reconfigured slowly with the passage of time, or dramatically with volcanic and seismic activity.

Celebrating the shapes and textures of the earth’s changing topographies, Continental evokes dramatic movement with solution-dyed nylon flooring. The collection offers a carefully curated set of tools to change the landscape of commercial interiors: a range of pattern scales, coordinating colorways in lava reds, lush greens, bright blues, vivid purples, earthy browns and shades of charcoal gray, and myriad design potential for plank tile layouts. 


Rift, a striation pattern with energetic movement, grounds the collection while four larger-scale inset patterns strike a keen balance between sharp geometrics and softer organics.


With Crystalline, sharp geometrics merge and collide across the floor plane in an expanded, lattice-like form.


Prism, also paired with Rift, offers a smaller-scale geometric with multi-directional angles.


Pillow Ridge prides a softer, more organic form that resembles the rounded characteristics of pillow lava.


Talus brings a highly textured, organic pattern with multi-directional, curvilinear movement, alongside Rift above.

Click here to connect with your local Milliken representative to learn more about the collection, or view Continental on our website.

Topics: Design

Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams