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Design In Good Taste at Diamond Foods

Posted on Jan 8, 2016, by Mollie Williams

Sustainability and health have become increasingly popular across industries. Companies are prioritizing transparency when it comes to how their products are made, as well as what goes into them. In the architecture and design industry, there are hosts of third-party certifications that inform consumers of product ingredients and how it could potentially affect their health.

For one space in particular, selecting green, third-party-certified products was about more than just health. The Diamond Foods Innovation Center, designed by ZGF Architects, set out to create a clean environment that would not taint the process of food tasting and development, profiled in the October issue of Architectural Products.

Senior Editor Megan Mazzocco states in the article: “Designers aimed to achieve a pristine air quality as not to obstruct or affect the sense of smell or taste. As a result, the entire facility features low and zero-VOC furniture and finishes. Clear Maple and locally-sourced Douglas fir are treated with durable low-VOC sealers. The carpet, paint and furniture do not off-gas to the interior environment. The building exterior used a combination of sustainable wood technologies: locally-sourced Douglas fir treated with an environmentally-friendly, durable and low-maintenance clear sealer; plus, an innovative steam-pressure-treated southern yellow pine left to weather in the elements. The tasting room is completely free of off-gassing materials as to not influence a taster’s palate.”

To that end, designers selected Milliken carpet tile from The Basics collection, which is certified under the CRI Green Label Plus program.

Milliken has prioritized clean, green products, like the flooring in The Diamond Foods Innovation Center, for decades. Last year, Milliken took an important step in its green journey by introducing its inaugural sustainability report, which details the sourcing and production of our floor coverings. We also increased the recycled content in all standard modular carpets in the Americas by 8-10 percent. We are committed to increasing our sustainability efforts and excited to unveil new progress over the next year. After all, it is a continuous commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability that will move us forward.

To learn more about third-party certifications at Milliken, click here

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams