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DIFFA Dining By Design: Washed in Color

Posted on Apr 6, 2016, by Mollie Williams

DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS is “one of the country’s largest supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and preventative education for those at risk.” The supporters of this empowering organization “come from all fields of fine design and the visual arts, including: architecture, fashion design, interior design, photography and consumer product design.”

Once a year, DIFFA hosts Dining by Design, an event that merges fine design, food and fundraising. It brings together internationally celebrated designers and local talent to design and construct a variety of beautiful dining environments. This year, the five-day event raised almost $1 million to fight HIV/AIDS.

One of the design firms involved in the event, M Moser Associates, selected Milliken’s Color Wash collection to ground its dining room design. M Moser’s theme “focused on the transformation of the 1990s urban environment of Avenue A – ‘Dining in the Sky’ – a rose-colored view of industrial materials against a soft palette of amenable patterns.” The installation delivered a beautiful juxtaposition of a soft palette, including the rosy pink hue of Milliken’s flooring, with more stark, industrial accents, like the space’s centerpiece – a chandelier made of metal pipe.

View more inspiring spaces created for this worthy cause in Architectural Digest’s slideshow.

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams