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How Flooring Dealers Can Win More Business with Milliken

Posted on Apr 10, 2017, by Michael Eckert

New flooring projects can be won or lost over a matter of cents.

But with extensive floor prep and moisture management a necessary prerequisite on many projects, it can be next-to-impossible to outbid your competitors. Even if you could, there's a significant risk that money saved on moisture management and installation could bring with it the increased risk of total flooring failure.

Thankfully, there's a reliable solution. Here are three ways dealers can win more business with Milliken.

1) Outbid Competitors

On some projects, like an on-grade renovation project with a history of moisture problems, it's necessary to specify a moisture mitigation solution from the outset. But if you're in direct competition with other dealers, you have a difficult choice to make:

  • Try to undercut competitors with the bare minimum coverage.
    Projects can be won and lost over a few cents per square yard, and it can be tempting to specify a cheaper moisture mitigation solution - at the expense of increased risk of flooring failure.
  • Opt for total protection and risk a non-competitive bid.
    The most comprehensive moisture solutions are also the most expensive. You can guarantee the products will work, but it's useless if you lose the bid to a less costly bid from another dealer.

How this decision plays out usually comes down to past experience. Some dealers have been fortunate to avoid moisture problems, and without experiencing the costly hassle it ensues, are willing to risk less comprehensive protection. Others have seen the catastrophic impact of moisture issues, flooring failure, and even litigation, and won't accept a job without specifying a two-part epoxy.

But there's a third option. Moisture mitigation products are expensive, even before factoring in the costs of labor-intensive floor preparation and product application. Even then, these solutions only hide moisture problems. By choosing Milliken's open cell cushion-backed carpet tiles, you can solve the root cause of moisture problems - and best of all, do so with minimal floor prep and absolutely no moisture testing.

When you're winning and losing new projects over a few cents, this can give you a competitive advantage of several dollars per square foot.

2) Eliminate Unexpected Surprises

Moisture problems aren't often identified until right before flooring installation begins - when moisture testing comes in outside the allowable range. Usually, this results in an expensive change order, a disgruntled customer, and a delay in the project timeline.

Projects typically play out this way, but there's no reason your next project should tread the same path. Instead of waiting for moisture problems to derail projects, you can address them from the start. By specifying open cell cushion-backed carpet from the onset of a project, you can future-proof the installation against moisture problems.

Milliken's modular carpet tiles have all of the characteristics you'd expect from a world-leading flooring manufacturer: they're extremely durable, comfortable, and offer unparalleled design flexibility. But unique among carpet options, Milliken's modular carpet was engineered from the ground up to solve moisture problems. Your flooring will continue to perform beautifully even if moisture issues arise - eliminating the unexpected surprises that complicate so many projects.

3) Happy Customers Create Repeat Business

Loyal customers are the lifeblood of a successful dealership, and the key to repeat business is, unsurprisingly, keeping customers happy.

Even if you're able to solve serious moisture issues with sealers and two-part epoxies, the extra cost and time disruption incurred can drive a wedge between you and your customer. Now, there's simply no need to settle for second-best protection from subfloor moisture, and opting for a smarter solution can win your dealership more business.

Milliken's modular carpet solves the biggest problems associated with any flooring project: choosing the right carpet, minimizing installation costs, and eliminating the risk of flooring failure that subfloor moisture ensues. Instead of pitching expensive bids for complex moisture mitigation solutions, on your next project, offer a lower total cost, no change orders, and expedited installation. That's something that guarantees a happy customer.
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Michael Eckert

Written by Michael Eckert