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How Modular Carpet Tiles can Breathe New Life into Your Office Design

Posted on Sep 21, 2017, by Mike Brown

We spend upwards of 40 hours every week in the office - more of our waking time than we spend anywhere else. As such, it's becoming increasingly important to design office spaces that not only look the part, but create a comfortable working environment too. We're sharing five ways your choice of carpet can breathe new life into your office design, and create a space that improves communication, collaboration and engagement between employees.


There's a growing trend towards incorporating more color into office designs, moving away from the stiff formality of neutral tones and somber hues that were popular when cubicle working was the latest workplace trend.

Modular carpet makes it easy to bring bursts of color into the office, in varying amounts. One option is to add accent tiles to bring pops of color scattered throughout the space. Alternatively, you can select a printed design with accent colors incorporated in the pattern.

Whatever your preference, modular carpet tiles provide greater design flexibility than broadloom carpet, with a greater variety of patterning and color available.

Space Division

The popularity of open office working continues, and with dividing walls disappearing from offices, there needs to be a different way to divide up the space and designate different areas for different purposes.

With modular carpet tiles you can select different designs for different areas: this can be as stark as choosing different colors or a different design, or as subtle as installing carpet tiles in a different pattern or rotation to create a gentler transition between spaces. You can also choose tiles to facilitate wayfinding throughout your office space.


Left unchecked, office acoustics can be a real headache - literally. Noise levels are a leading cause of workplace complaints, and affect everything from employee stress levels to productivity. If you're planning an office refit, taking steps to improve the acoustics will have a significant impact on the new office environment - and employees will thank you for it.

Cushion-backed modular carpet tiles excels in reducing ambient noise, minimizing disruptive sounds from footfall and rolling traffic. The cushion backing helps to absorb noise, which is especially beneficial in open offices where there are no walls to block noise.



A new carpet will breathe fresh life into your office space, but if it quickly becomes dirty and worn, that impression won't last long.

The cushion backing on modular carpet tiles helps to extend the carpet's life. The cushioning absorbs the impact of foot traffic instead of the carpet fibers, protecting the fibers against wear and tear caused by people walking over it, day after day. By selecting the right type of modular carpet, you can benefit from increased durability, giving you longer-lasting carpet that looks as-new for as long as possible.

Lift and Re-Lay

If you select carpet tiles that can be installed without adhesive (such as Milliken's TractionBack), then it's actually possible to lift carpet tiles from one location, and re-lay them elsewhere. For example, you could move tiles from an executive office through into a meeting room after a few years, to refresh the look of each space without the expense of purchasing new carpet for each.

This isn't possible with broadloom carpet or other types of floor covering; modular carpet tiles provide increased design and installation flexibility to create a unique and comfortable workspace that you can change-up and refresh - even after installation.

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Mike Brown

Written by Mike Brown