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How to Choose the Right Commercial Carpet Tile Manufacturer

Posted on Dec 12, 2016, by Mike Brown

Choice is great for consumers: it encourages greater competition between manufacturers, and prioritizes innovation and product development. But there’s an unintended side-effect of ever-increasing choice in the flooring industry: it’s harder than ever to choose the right commercial carpet tile supplier for your organization’s unique needs.

Today, I’m looking at 4 simple hallmarks of a great flooring manufacturer, and helping you to choose the right partner, and the right product, for your business.

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1)     Check Out Their Product Range

When you’re looking to choose a commercial carpet tile supplier, it’s essential to start the process by assessing each suppliers’ product range. After all, it’s their products that you’ll be living with, day-in and day-out, for years to come.

Performance and Price

No matter the size or industry of your organization, the flooring you choose will always need to be both durable and affordable.

Choosing carpet tiles with the lowest purchase price can come back to haunt you, as their total cost of ownership swells with unexpected installation and/or maintenance costs. Similarly, there’s no guarantee that expensive products will be the best quality, so it can be incredibly helpful to use a third-party rating system (like TARR) to find a product and price point that meets your needs.

Design Flexibility

It’s also important that their products can be customized to create the perfect design for your organization. Whether you’re looking for simple, clean color gradations, or a high-definition, non- repeating pattern, it’s important to find a commercial carpet tile supplier that won’t force you to compromise on aesthetics.

Warranty Packages and Shipping Options

Warranty packages and shipping options can make a huge difference to any commercial flooring project. When deadlines are tight, Quick Ship programs can make the difference between hitting your completion date or massively over-running. It’s important to assess the breadth of the Quick Ship program: some manufacturers offer very limited programs, and others offer a wider range with fast delivery. You also want to look for manufacturers that offer clear, comprehensive warranty programs (devoid of any obvious get-out clauses) provide unparalleled peace of mind.

2)     Ask About Their Expertise

In recent years, carpet tile design has improved hugely. Now, many manufacturers offer more durable products, with greater design options, and at a lower cost. By looking out for carpet tile suppliers at the cutting-edge of innovation, you’ll be able to benefit from the best flooring technology available.

Many of these innovations result from commercial carpet tile suppliers partnering with experts across a wide-range of fields: whether they’ve hired PhDs to further their product design by improving acoustics and ergonomics, or partnered with other experts in complementary areas like carpet installation and commercial carpet maintenance.

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3)     Look for Experience

There’s no real substitute for experience, and partnering with a carpet tile supplier with a proven track record and serious staying-power is a great way to ensure quality and consistency through the purchase process and beyond.

Chances are, established manufacturers will have worked with hundreds of companies like yours, and will be able to draw upon their experience to make the right recommendation for your organization. Combine that with happy customers and positive testimonials, and you’ll be able to put your next flooring purchase on the fast-track to success.

4) Learn About Their Values

Companies from all-manner of industries have often been guilty of hiding important product information behind jargon and marketing speak. Thankfully, in the digital age, these tactics are growing less and less effective, and it’s now to possible to partner with commercial carpet tile suppliers that go out of their way to educate customers, and raise awareness of crucial flooring issues.

This type of commitment to ethical business can make a real difference in your relationship with a flooring manufacturer – and when combined with experience, expertise, and a great selection of products, can make it easier than ever to find the right commercial carpet tile supplier for your exact needs.

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Mike Brown

Written by Mike Brown