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Milliken Highlights Flooring Solutions for Various Facility Conditions at IFMA World Workplace 2016

Posted on Oct 4, 2016, by Mollie Williams

Every day facility managers face new challenges in providing beautiful interior environments that promote well-being. We know that flooring is one aspect to achieve their goal, and we deeply understand the critical role it plays in creating world-class buildings.  

We're featuring new Milliken flooring and adhesives that uniquely address common, yet prohibitive challenges through proprietary Milliken technologies at IFMA's World Workplace 2016, booth 1117. 


Facility conditions such as subfloor moisture can significantly impact project timelines and budgets, lead to mold and mildew growth, and cause failure in the performance of flooring over time. In fact, industry estimates of direct and indirect costs associated with moisture-related flooring issues are as high as $1 billion a year in the United States alone.

“At Milliken, our goal is to simplify the process, reduce risk and lower total project costs that facility managers face in specifying and installing new flooring. Milliken does this by providing multifaceted solutions that can withstand challenging installation conditions with exceptionally strong lifetime warranties to back our claims,” shared Stacy Walker, director of customer experience for Milliken’s flooring division.

Unparalleled proprietary Milliken technologies, including cushion backing and expert stain protection, which result in beautiful, performance-driven flooring are on display through three collections at IFMA World Workplace 2016: Continental, Freelay and OBEX. Let's dive into the benefits of each below.



Continental, a new plank modular carpet collection, is inspired by the magnitude of the earth’s dynamic geological processes and changing topographies — propelled by deep underground forces which separate and merge the earth’s crust to form new landscapes.

To overcome moisture-related issues, Continental features an innovative open-cell, PVC-free cushion backing — which enables carpet to be installed on existing concrete subfloors with 99 percent relative humidity (RH) and on new slabs only 90 days after pour when using new Milliken adhesives. Installation on slabs with 99 percent RH is a ground-breaking industry advancement, as previous standards only enabled installation on slabs with 85 percent RH without special adhesives. 

Continental is warranted to be installed in many applications without performing moisture probe testing and removing old adhesive, thereby eliminating time, cost and risk incurred by facility managers.

Once installed, Milliken carpet tile uniquely manages moisture by preventing spilled liquids from penetrating the carpet face fiber and allowing water vapor from the subfloor to evaporate upwards through the tile. Coupled with AlphaSan AF antimicrobial defense, these features eliminate the moist conditions required for mold and mildew. The built-in cushion backing also reduces unwanted background noise, extends the life of the floor covering and enhances comfort underfoot.

A range of five pattern scales and eight to 16 vivid coordinating colorways offers a curated toolset to change the landscape of commercial interiors. Rift, a striation pattern with dynamic movement, grounds the collection while four larger scale designs strike a keen balance between sharp geometrics and softer organic forms. Carpet tiles in 25-centimeters by 1-meter planks enable various layouts for unique pattern-on-pattern aesthetics and routes for wayfinding.

Continental features a solution-dyed nylon construction and a total recycled content of 41 percent. It carries a UL third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Declare LBC Compliant label and is certified by CRI Green Label Plus for indoor air quality. The collection also contributes to LEED version 4, Living Building Challenge, WELL Building Standard and other green building certifications.



Milliken’s new award-winning Freelay collection redefines the design and eco-friendly elements of LVT. Inspired by building material textures, Freelay speaks to the modern aesthetics and demanding performance needs that facility managers require for contemporary interiors.

An environmentally superior, non-skid backing only requires perimeter adhesive and enables Freelay to overcome traditional limitations of full adhesive-based LVT installation methods.

  • The bio-based, low-VOC formula is 100 percent phthalate free and FloorScore-certified for indoor air quality, allowing immediate occupancy after installation.
  • Freelay hides subfloor imperfections, can be installed over raised access flooring, provides an excellent acoustic barrier and has no weak points.
  • Facility managers can reuse Freelay tiles after their initial installation – the highest form of recycling.
  • A unique 28-millimeter polyurethane wear layer is reinforced with silica beads to resist scratches and eliminate the time and cost of additional sealants and waxes.

Freelay features five patterns of woven grids and degrees of distressed details: Eero, Polished Concrete, Powergrid, Heritage Wood and Fargesia Bamboo. Tiles are available in 9-inch by 59.72-inch and 36-inch by 36-inch sizes, respective to each pattern.

The collection also carries an Environmental Product Declaration and Declare label for transparency regarding the product’s lifetime environmental impact and ingredients.



OBEX® is a Milliken engineered offering of highly efficient modular entry solutions. The three-zone barrier system captures up to 80 percent of dirt, dust and moisture walked into a building within the first 10 to 30 feet, protecting facility managers’ investments in field flooring. The comprehensive system also helps prevent slip and fall hazards which arise during inclement weather.

Prior and Forma from Arx, OBEX solutions designed for entryway zones 1 and 2, feature ultra-durable interlocking tile systems optimized to protect high-traffic areas. Prior is replete with scrapers that remove particulate dirt from shoes as people move in and out of buildings in Zone 1. Forma for Zone 2 applications utilizes dual-scraping technologies.

Sepio completes the three-zone approach with a 50-cintemeter by 50-cintemeter modular entry tile that defends against outside elements. The dual-fiber construction merges performance, aesthetic and sustainability with Aquafil ECONYL® 100 percent regenerated nylon yarns. Sepio patterns are inspired by popular Milliken solution-dyed nylon collections for easy design coordination within facilities.

Be sure to join us at booth 1117 during the IFMA World Workplace Expo to discover how Milliken can help give facility managers peace of mind and provide world-class buildings. 

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams