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Milliken Unveils Award-Winning Flooring at NeoCon 2016

Posted on Jun 21, 2016, by Mollie Williams

Second surfaces created through the lens of Milliken technology unveiled the materiality of unearthed elements through three flooring collections - Lapidus, City Proper and Freelay - which Milliken introduced at NeoCon 2016.

According to Stacy Walker, director of customer experience for the Milliken floor covering division, each collection is inspired by the magnitude of the earth’s dynamic evolution and geologic process. 

“The earth has an uncanny ability to evolve the textures, colors and shapes of natural materials over time. For 2016, we’re capturing the essence of this evolution with innovative soft- and hard- surface flooring solutions that bring the inspiration of the earth inside with striking, performance-based designs that Milliken technology exclusively provides,” he noted.

At the show, Milliken won a Best of NeoCon Gold Award, a #MetropolisLikes Award and was an honoree for Interior Design’s HiP at NeoCon Awards and Buildings' Product Innovations Awards.



Creating the uncommon from the common, Lapidus reinterprets the intricate patterns and textures discovered in natural, unearthed surfaces on a luxurious, performance-based construction. An innovative kit of organic design elements eliminates traditional design rules and invites both creativity and simplicity for extraordinary depth and flexibility, leading it to win Best of NeoCon Gold for modular carpet and a #MetropolisLikes Award.

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Celebrating the power of Millitron®, the industry’s highest resolution print technology, Lapidus provides the foundation for forward-thinking interiors. Depending on color and tile size and placement, floor aesthetics move from organic and painterly to bold and structured. A modest yarn luster coupled with tip shearing add visual interest while layered tonal colors morph and stratify to emulate surfaces as they are found in nature. 

Lapidus creates versatility with components that work in combination or stand alone as field flooring. Twenty color families and transition tiles connect layers of pattern for design fluidity, as tiles innately match when placed in any manner. Transition tiles artistically connect colors to define spaces or soften wall intersections for a contemporary aesthetic.

City Proper


As visually influenced as we are by what we see above ground with pavement markings, worn asphalt and heavily traveled concrete, what happens below city streets also shaped our perspective for City Proper. It’s the intertwining cables, paths, tunnels and layers of municipal structure that reveal a glimpse into the true way a city breathes and evolves.

The newest addition to Milliken’s Constantine® Collection, City Proper features a range of scales through three patterns, EC1 (shown above), Design Quarter and Underground, each available in 24 standard colors.

Freelay Luxury Vinyl Tile

Milliken_Freelay_LVT_Heritage_Wood_in_HER145.jpg Milliken_Freelay_LVT_Eero_in_EER108-215-209.jpg

Freelay redefines the design and eco-friendly elements of luxury vinyl tile (LVT). An honoree for Interior Design's HiP at NeoCon Awards and Buildings' Product Innovations Awards, the high-performance LVT speaks to the modern aesthetics and demanding performance needs of contemporary interiors. 

Five patterns emulate building material textures with woven grids and degrees of distressed natural and architectural details.

  • Eero, winner of the IIDA/HD Product Design Competition for resilient flooring at HD Expo 2016, illustrates how years of exposure to natural elements transform material structures. Underlying surfaces move forward as distressed architectural details and patina finishes fade in and out (pictured above, right).
  • Nuanced color gives Polished Concrete the sleek sophistication of its namesake with the benefits of resilient flooring. 
  • Tight woven textures inspired by electrical grids take center stage with Powergrid.
  • Heritage Wood relays the beauty of distressed aesthetics with the performance of LVT (pictured above, left).
  • The relaxed lines of Fargesia Bambo lay the groundwork for a modern and tranquil environment.

An innovative, non-skid backing enables Freelay to overcome traditional limitations of other full adhesive-based LVT installation methods: the ability to hide subfloor imperfections, install over raised access flooring and reuse tiles after their initial installation – the highest form of recycling. Freelay’s non-skid backing also reduces VOC emissions. The collection is FloorScore-certified for indoor air quality, utilizes bio-based plasticizers and is 100 percent phthalate-free.

If you were unable to visit Milliken during NeoCon, experience the showroom through an interactive 360-degree video on www.millikenfloors.com.

Click here to connect with your local Milliken representative to learn more about Lapidus, City Proper and Freelay.

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams