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New Modular Carpet Collections Unveil Beauty of Materiality in Natural Elements

Posted on May 5, 2016, by Mollie Williams

The ability for technology to unveil second surfaces that capture the intricacies of nature plays a key role in our three new modular carpet introductions – Unearthed, Archipelago and City Proper – which were on display at HD Expo 2016.



At once reflective and progressive, the Unearthed collection brings to light the textural transformations that take place within every inch of earth – which can only be brought to life through proprietary high-resolution digital printing.

A full offering of 20 coordinating patterns incorporates various design elements: granular textures, linear striations, and both angular and organic, free-form shapes. Select patterns revealed excavated finds, such as Gypsum Glyph and Shale Fossil, for a refined element of intrigue.

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Unearthed is available in three rich and earthy colorways: Jasper, Larimar and Quartz. Light and dark tones vary in contrast within each pattern grouping, from the striking highlights of Mantle to the softer aesthetics of Bedrock and Basin. Or, designers can choose from Milliken’s vast Pure Color System with 1,360 hues to unveil custom colors for a unique project.



Archipelago is inspired by the distinct characteristics of sub-tropical flora: the twisted roots of mangroves, sharp blades of fronds, and rounded leaves and fruits of sea grapes.

A group of four organic patterns – Cassia, Mangrove, Frond and Sea Grape – varies from leaf-like to curvilinear. Shapes merge and flow in tandem for both striking and subtle aesthetics. A palette of 24 colors and abstracted designs enable suitability for various hospitality environments. 

Archipelago is constructed with Aquafil ECONYL® solution-dyed nylon type 6 and features a Total Recycled Content of 52.4 percent.

City Proper

Milliken_City_Proper_EC1_in_174_Empire.jpg Milliken_City_Proper_Design_Quarter_in_174_Empire.jpg

As visually influenced as we are by what we see above ground and pavement markings, worn asphalt and heavily traveled concrete, what happens below city streets also shaped our perspective for City Proper. It’s the intertwining cables, paths, tunnels and layers of municipal structure that reveal a glimpse into the true way a city breathes and evolves. 

The newest addition to Milliken’s Constantine Collection, City Proper features a range of scales through three patterns – EC1, Design Quarter and Underground – available in 24 standard colors and with the capability to customize.

City Proper is constructed with Universal® solution-dyed nylon type 6,6 and features a Total Recycled Content of 40.85 percent.

Unearthed, Archipelago and City Proper each carry an Environmental Product Declaration and Declare LBC Compliant label, while also contributing to LEED, Living Building Challenge and other green building certifications. They also are certified to NSF 140 and CRI Green Label Plus. To improve their overall environmental impact, all three collections are manufactured using 52 percent renewable energy and with zero process waste sent to landfill.

To learn more about these intriguing designs, contact your local Milliken Sales Representative.

Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams