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How to Choose Sit-to-Stand Office Desks

Sep 26, 2016 / by Mike Brown

Choosing the right sit-to-stand desks for your clients’ unique space and requirements is essential for the success of their transition to sit-to-stand working. So today, I’m looking at 5 vital questions you should ask when choosing sit-to-stand office desks for your clients.

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10 Creative Office Environments to Inspire Your Next Office Redesign

Sep 19, 2016 / by Mike Brown

How many of your clients come to you wanting an office redesign inspired by Google, Facebook, or any other big name with multi-million dollar offices that are way out of budget? Today we’re sharing with you ten creative office spaces that your clients will love – with the added bonus of them being affordable and achievable.

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How to Choose the Right Office Desks for Your Client

Sep 7, 2016 / by Mike Brown

If your client’s office is having a complete redesign, as well as choosing the décor for their new space, you may be called upon to pick out new office furniture.

With a huge range of different types of office desks available, it’s vital that you choose the right type of desk to meet your client’s needs and suit their way of working.

So today I’m looking at 6 different types of office desks, to help you make the best choices for your clients.

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5 Carpet Cleaning Tips to Make Your Office Carpet Last Longer

Sep 5, 2016 / by Mike Brown

Your new office carpet is a significant investment, and to keep it looking as-new for as long as possible, regular cleaning is essential.

But how often should you clean your office carpet, and what is the best way to clean it? Today I’m sharing 5 carpet cleaning tips, to help maintain the as-new appearance of your office carpet tiles.

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How Design Can Solve the Growing Problem of Workplace Privacy

Aug 31, 2016 / by Mike Brown

Lack of privacy in the workplace is one of the major trade-offs with open office working. A 2013 study found that nearly half of open office workers felt the lack of sound privacy was a significant problem.

With no walls to divide offices and establish personal space, it requires careful planning to incorporate privacy into your workplace. So today I’m looking at how you can design a space that combats the growing problem of a lack of privacy at work.

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Can a Facilities Redesign Improve School Pride?

Aug 17, 2016 / by Mike Brown posted in Design, Inspiration

School facilities play a major role in student learning and achievement, by creating a stimulating and inspiring environment. But some schools go years between facilities redesigns, so the classrooms and communal areas start to look worn-out.

As the appearance of your school facilities deteriorates, so do your students’ feelings of pride about the place they study. So today I’m looking at how a straightforward refresh of your facilities can dramatically improve school pride.

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The Top 5 Office Design Trends of 2016

Jul 28, 2016 / by Mike Brown posted in Design

When organizations decide it’s time for an office redesign, they’re not after a new color scheme and a fresh coat of paint. What they really want is a way to keep employees engaged, improve productivity, and improve workplace flexibility.

The latest office trends all aim to create happier, more productive and healthier workplaces, so today I’m looking at the top 5 office design trends of 2016.

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How Can You Tell Your Office Carpet Needs Replacing?

Jul 27, 2016 / by Mike Brown posted in Maintenance

With most items in your office, it’s fairly clear when it’s in need of replacing: chairs with no padding, desks with a broken leg, outdated technology that is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

But with carpet, it’s not so obvious. Unless it’s visibly worn through, it’s common to assume your carpet is fine, when in fact it’s suffered serious surface appearance deterioration which is noticeable to visitors to your organization, but not employees like yourself who see it everyday.

So today I’m looking at four signs that indicate it’s time to replace your office carpet.

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3 Reasons to Avoid Standing Mats in Your Office Design

Jul 19, 2016 / by Mike Brown posted in Health & Wellness

Sit-to-stand offices are growing in popularity, and with good reason: they offer a myriad of health and productivity benefits to employees and organizations alike.

However, the wide-spread adoption of this new working practice often has an unintended side-effect, with many employees starting to struggle with muscular fatigue as a result of increased standing. Many organizations turn to standing mats to alleviate discomfort and improve wellbeing, but actually, standing mats can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. Today, I’m looking at 3 reasons to avoid standing mats.

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How to Solve the 4 Biggest Problems with Your Sit-to-Stand Office Design

Jul 12, 2016 / by Mike Brown posted in Health & Wellness

Sit-to-stand working is a hugely popular trend, and with good reason: height adjustable work stations bring with them a myriad of benefits to health, wellness and productivity.

However, as with any new trend, it isn’t always easy for organizations to make the switch and adapt to their new working practices. Sometimes, it can be a real struggle to adjust to sit-to-stand working, and the new design can bring with it a raft of unintended issues.

Today, I’m looking at how you can create a working environment that your clients really love - solving 4 of the biggest issues with sit-to-stand working, before they become a problem.

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