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How Much Does Commercial Carpet Installation Cost?

Nov 30, 2017 / by Mike Brown

When selecting new commercial carpet, it's easy to fixate on saving money on the material cost, especially if your flooring budget is over-stretched. However, the material cost is just one element of the total cost of installing new carpet.

Today we're breaking down a typical installation quote into its separate parts, to help you identify the biggest costs that are eating into your budget, and understand where the biggest savings lie.

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Do You Really Need that Expensive Concrete Floor Sealant?

Nov 28, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

When replacing commercial flooring, there are so many steps to the removal and installation process that it can be difficult to work out which stages are essential, and which are an unnecessary addition to your particular project.

Many flooring installers take a blanket approach with their quotations, to ensure they've got all potential risks covered - even if some risks are already mitigated by other processes or products you've selected. One common example is using floor sealants as part of the moisture mitigation process, even if you've already selected products that mitigate the risk of moisture problems in another way.

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9 Questions to Ask Before Buying Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Nov 21, 2017 / by Alan Fennell

Selecting new flooring can be a minefield if you don't have access to the right information. How can you tell whether the flooring you're considering is suited to your organization's practical - as well as aesthetic - requirements?

To help you choose the right luxury vinyl tiles, we’ve put together nine essential questions, offering insights into durability, appearance retention, design and installation, to help you choose flooring that's the perfect fit for your organization.

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How to Avoid 3 Common Office Flooring Mistakes

Nov 16, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

When renovating an office, your choice of flooring can have a surprisingly big impact on the overall indoor environment, as it's one of the few materials that covers the entire space. To help you make the best choice for your office environment, as well as your budget, we're sharing three of the most common mistakes made when selecting new office flooring - and how to avoid making the same mistakes yourself.

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Flooring Types: The Pros and Cons of 7 Commercial Flooring Choices

Nov 14, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Choosing commercial flooring can be difficult, with such a wide range of flooring types available. Each type of commercial flooring creates a different aesthetic and has a huge impact on the indoor environment.

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6 Design Ideas for an Office Renovation Project

Nov 9, 2017 / by Mike Brown

An office renovation is the perfect opportunity to turn an uninspiring space into something that impresses employees and visitors. When undertaking a whole-office renovation, you want to be sure that the time, budget and effort you're investing will deliver a new space with that 'wow' factor, to help inspire and motivate current and prospective employees.

So today we're looking at six design ideas to help you create a stand-out office space.

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A Simple Guide to Carpet Tiles

Nov 7, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Modular carpet tiles are an increasingly popular flooring choice, thanks to their durability, ease of installation, and design flexibility. But not all carpet tiles are created equal. To help you select the best carpet tiles for your flooring project, we're looking at some of the key traits of different carpet tiles, and how they affect the design and longevity of your carpet.

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6 Things to Look for in Standout School Carpet

Nov 2, 2017 / by Mike Patrick

Even with the best teachers, and the best curriculum, it isn't always possible to guarantee the best outcomes for students. In many instances, it's the learning environment which plays a crucial role, helping - or hindering - student progress.

The subtlest nuances of classroom design have a dramatic impact on learning, so today, we're looking at six ways your choice of carpet can contribute to a healthy, productive learning environment.

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How to Design a Classroom that Prioritizes Student Health and Wellness

Oct 31, 2017 / by Mike Patrick

Young children are more susceptible to coughs, colds and minor illnesses than adults - who have a more mature immune system.

As we've become increasingly aware of the impact our built environment can have on the people using the space, it's now possible to take steps in your school and classroom designs to improve the health and wellness of building occupants.

We're looking at five elements of your classroom design that can help improve student health and wellness, to minimize time they spend off sick, and maximize learning time in the classroom.

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How to Specify Versatile Commercial Carpet Tile

Oct 26, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Most people treat modular carpet tiles as a static product - something that gets installed at the start of its life, and removed several years later when it's time for a replacement. However, one of the biggest advantages of modular carpet tiles is their versatility: it's possible to lift and re-lay tiles in different areas, to change-up the look of your commercial space and refresh the design without undertaking a full renovation project.

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