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Redefine Connections Between People, Nature, and Technology with the IMMIX Collection

Posted on May 3, 2017, by Mollie Williams

Man-made, natural influences converge for an innovative floor covering collection debuting at HD Expo 2017, booth #4346

Every day, society experiences an increasingly blurred line between people, technology and nature. Milliken explores this convergence between the real and the virtual, the haptic and the emotional, and the past and the present through an innovative floor covering collection, IMMIX, premiering at HD Expo 2017.

“As society has evolved, so has the hospitality interior. Boundaries and traditional definitions of arrival, celebration or collaboration, and rest are merging and morphing to accommodate the changing needs and desires of guests,” shared Mark Strohmaier, vice president of marketing for the Milliken floor covering division. “The emerging aesthetic is both timeless and modern, offering a balance between maximalism and minimalism.”

Vertex_Medium_Field-Ombre_Dark_Couch (1)-1.jpg

IMMIX - the intermixing and redefining of the connections between people, nature and technology – is the striking result.

“The human journey is intrinsically linked to technology. Chaotic or arranged, our lives are a blend of natural and man-made influences,” shared Kristin Gruenefeld, senior designer at Milliken, who designed the collection in collaboration with Lisa Bailey, also a senior designer at Milliken. “We respond with a desire for harmony as personal and collective needs morph with new definitions of purpose; we redefine the connections between people, nature and technology to reflect our individuality.”

The IMMIX collection explores this trichotomy through blending bold geometry and flowing organics, softened through new design innovations and Milliken’s industry-leading Millitron® Digital Dye Injection technology—proprietary tools only through which such heightened dimensionality is possible. A geometric splicing of color and interlocking structures create dynamic forms that provide a sense of structure for the floor that yields both familiarity and comfort.

“The resulting harmony of the technology-enabled design of IMMIX empowers us to flourish in our daily experience, striking an essential balance between technology, nature and our true selves,” Gruenefeld continued.

Various design elements enhance the flexibility and application of IMMIX: distinct pattern groupings, edge transitions and textured bases.

Pattern groupings

Two pattern groupings, Vertex and Flourish, provide an evolution of complementary aesthetics in large, medium and small scales for fluid movement throughout an interior.

Vertex_Dark_00779920_ballroom (1)-1.jpg

Vertex, a geometry expression for where two or more lines meet, interprets where humanity, technology and nature collide. Graphic and dimensional, scales of intricate hexagonal shapes warp and spiral to achieve a modern, innovative dimensionality on the floor.

Flourish-Flourish_Edge--Light_Corridor (1)-1.jpg

Flourish highlights the outcome when various facets of one’s surrounding influences meet and connect in harmony. The progression of Vertex into a series of patterns that are more organic, Flourish illustrates the positive effect of one embracing technology in a way that fits his or her world, not defines.

Edge transitions

Milliken’s signature nuanced gradation and edge transition capabilities fuse texture, pattern and color for a graceful asymmetry that maximizes spatial flexibility. These nuanced edges allow designers to use the floor to create eloquent design transitions between various interior spaces.

Tiered textured bases

Mirroring the different components and layers in nature and throughout one’s life, IMMIX offers three distinct avenues to create multiple dimensionalities: pattern, color and tactile texture through the base construction.

IMMIX is available in four levels of textured carpet bases to complement the overall designs:

  • HX tile highlights the hexagonal forms within Vertex for an extra layer of drama and dimension

  • IM tile offers a more conservative multi-directional linear texture with horizontal and vertical lines

  • Strato Alto tile features a linear surface, highlighting organic vertical lines

  • Royal texture broadloom offers an understated sophistication with a shimmering fleck

The IMMIX collection is available in 1-meter by 1-meter modular carpet tiles and 13’6” broadloom. A luxurious PVC-free cushion backing enhances comfort underfoot, extends the floor covering’s lifespan up to 40 percent, and wicks moisture vapor away from the subfloor to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Vertex_Dark_w.Green_in_Lobby (1).jpg

An environmentally friendly floor covering collection, IMMIX also:

  • Carries an Environmental Product Declaration and Declare LBC Compliant label

  • Contributes to LEED, Living Building Challenge and other green building certifications

  • Features environmentally responsible manufacturing, including use of renewable energy and with zero process waste sent to landfill

See the new collection featured in Hospitality Design.

Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams