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Remix 2.0 Brings Custom Vibes to 4 Interior Environments

Posted on Aug 31, 2016, by Mollie Williams

Interior design invites the opportunity for one to make a unique statement, but project timelines don’t always allow for custom pieces. We’ve designed a solution into our floor covering collections.

Many Milliken collections are created to allow customers to incorporate custom colors as part of the standard offering. Remix 2.0, a collection which offers a seamless and randomized floor plane, for example, also enables users to customize the design with predetermined accents. Known as vibes, these accents connect and move between multi-directional textures.

Depending upon the hue, the addition of a vibe can change the aesthetic of a sophisticated tonal neutral to a playful, multi-color approach. It also allows customers to incorporate brand standards and school colors in an easy-to-use manner.  

See this concept at work in these four interior environments, from K-12 schools to corporate offices.

O'Fallon Public Library - O'Fallon, Illinois

OFALLON_teenarea_blog.jpeg OFALLON_towardteenarea_blog.jpeg

Designed by Andersson Architects. Photography by Alise O'Brien.

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company - Glenview, Illinois


Designed by TZS Design. Photography by Marcel Page. 

Grand Rapids Christian Middle School - Grand Rapids, Michigan


Designed by AMDC Architects. Photography by Bill Lindhout. 
Cetera - St. Cloud, Minnesota


Designed by Floors by Beckers. Photography by Pete Sieger.

If you're looking for more examples of our floor covering in myriad settings, click here to view our online Image Gallery.

Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams