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Supporting Schools: How Milliken's Innovations Do Good in Education

Posted on Jul 5, 2017, by Mike Patrick

Innovation has been at the heart of the Milliken ethos for over 150 years, and a desire to experiment, learn and improve runs through the company to this day. Discover how Milliken is using its culture of innovation to solve some of the biggest challenges facing schools and education facilities.

Innovations That Do Good

Every department, patent and person within Milliken plays a role in shaping the company, and that's never more evident than in Milliken's floor coverings, with every product benefiting from world-leading expertise in industrial and specialty textiles, performance and protective fabrics, chemicals, composites and performance solutions.

Crucially though, Milliken's focus on innovation is set apart by the motivation that drives it - a motivation to do good in the world. All of Milliken's experiments, innovations and new products are created for a single reason: to make life better for our customers.

As part of our drive to innovate in ways that positively impact our customers, we wanted to understand exactly what schools look for in their flooring products. To find out, firsthand, we surveyed teachers, principals, facilities staff and superintendents - everyone that's impacted by flooring choices - to find out exactly what they need from their flooring products.

Understanding What Schools Want

School Officials Survey Results.png

The results of the survey showed several common threads - areas of importance shared by everyone involved in creating and managing the school environment. These aspects of performance were valued almost universally, across all roles and responsibilities, and painted a crystal-clear picture of exactly how flooring impacts the school environment.

To help you ensure best-in-class performance, we're highlighting a few of the ways Milliken innovations can help you achieve and exceed each of these crucial criteria.

1) Lasts 25+ Years

Milliken's carpets tiles are designed for unparalleled durability and longevity. From the use of super-tough nylon 6,6 fiber, through to the unique cushioned backing system, designed to protect the carpet's fibers from wear and tear, every aspect of Milliken's products is designed for the long haul.

Even in the event of damage, the modular design of carpet tiles makes spot-replacement of the affected area quick and easy; and thanks to one of the most comprehensive warranty programs going, you can rest assured that your flooring is protected - no matter what happens.

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2) Easy to Clean

Nothing ruins new carpeting quicker than unwanted stains, but spills and stains prove no hindrance to Milliken's modular carpet thanks to its in-built defense system, combining:

  • Stain Resist, with the carpet's innate chemical make-up designed to prevent stains from ever bonding with the carpet fiber.
  • Soil Release, to stop dirt and dust from adhering to the carpet, and improve the efficacy of vacuuming and cleaning.

3) Solves Moisture Problems

Moisture is a big problem for schools, but unlike costly moisture mitigation products, Milliken's carpet tiles solve the root cause of moisture issues.

  • Liquid Barrier stops liquids at the surface.
  • Cushioned backing wicks moisture vapor away from the sub-floor, thereby reducing and controlling conditions for mold and mildew growth and preserving the adhesive bond to the sub-floor.
  • No Sealers needed! Sealers add time, cost, and VOCs which hurt Indoor Air Quality.
  • PVC and plasticizer free to eliminate VOCs and create a stronger bond, compatible with all adhesives.     

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4) Can Install Overnight

Without the problems associated with plasticizers and PVC, Milliken's carpet tiles can be installed in a fraction of the time normally required - allowing you to lay new flooring overnight, without causing any disruption to the school day.

5) Creates a Healthy, Positive Environment

Milliken's carpet tiles are designed to offer benefits above and beyond practicality, with a range of features that can improve the health and well-being of the children and adults that use the school environment each day.

  • Milliken carpet reduces noise by up to 25% more than other carpet - creating a quieter, less stressful space for students.
  • Cushion-backed carpet offers unparalleled comfort and underfoot support, perfect for schools trying to encourage a more active learning environment.
  • Near-unlimited design flexibility can turn flooring into an extension of the school's identity, using bright colors and inspiring designs to instill a real sense of school pride.

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6) Meets Our Budgets

All of these factors come together to create carpet that's the best possible value for money: durable, long-lasting, and with a lower total cost of ownership than any other type of carpet.

Your Flooring Partner

Milliken strives to be a truly different type of company, one motivated to develop new and innovative solutions to improve the lives of its customers. As part of that goal, we work closely with schools and education facilities, and create flooring products designed to solve some of the biggest challenges your school will encounter.

If you're interested in learning more about exactly how Milliken's products can help your school, download the free guide below.

how to choose carpet tiles that last [free whitepaper]

Mike Patrick

Written by Mike Patrick