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The Importance of Being Ethical

Posted on Mar 15, 2016, by Mollie Williams

To those outside the architecture and design industry, the field might seem limited to creating beautiful things and cultivating habitable spaces. But in fact, A&D is about much, much more.

Every day, architects and designers are charged with taking countless factors into consideration – the environmental impacts of their work, sourcing sustainable materials, building spaces that are safe and functional, and the well-being of a space’s inhabitants – to name a few.

Because of this, ethics is of paramount importance to the architecture and interior design fields. With this in mind, Milliken introduced a new CEU, “An Ethical Approach to Architecture and Design,” to navigate the waters of ethically gray situations that architects and designers often encounter.

The CEU discusses myriad topics, including: everyday ethical dilemmas and ways to address them; the importance of sustainable design and architecture, concerning materials, transportation and emissions, and energy consumption; the moral and ethical implications of ensuring a building’s integrity and safety; ethical and moral concerns as they relate to design and architecture; and the potential effect of various ethical issues on others.

Milliken has been dedicated to leading the industry in ethical practices since its inception 150 years ago. Ten years ago, the Ethisphere Institute came to life and began awarding its World’s Most Ethical Companies designation, which Milliken has won every year. This honor echoes and reinforces Milliken’s commitment to ethics.

Creating an Ethics CEU was one avenue through which Milliken extends its ethical foundation to the rest of the industry and to its many practitioners. The CEU is available for IDCEC and AIA health, safety and welfare (HSW) credit.

Learn more about this CEU and others offered by Milliken here.

Topics: Design, Sustainability

Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams