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The Real Costs of Moisture Problems for Dealers and Their Clients

Posted on Jan 25, 2017, by Michael Eckert

Whether it's flooring adhesives re-emulsifying, or mold and mildew taking hold, moisture problems can cripple a project. Worse still, complex moisture mitigation solutions and imperfect testing procedures mean that every project comes laden with real risk of failure. Today, we're looking at the real costs of moisture problems.

1) Betting Your Business on Every Install

Every project, contractors, architects and designers do their best to minimize their risk as much as possible. In practical terms, this often means that responsibility for moisture problems works its way from project spec to project spec, until it lands at the feet of you, the dealer.

On big projects, these risks are amplified. Aggressive bidding can help secure the most desirable projects, but it also eats away your margins. When moisture problems kick-in, and the costs of flooring failure skyrocket, you're left with nowhere to turn. This blame game isn't helpful for anyone, so these moisture problems need to be solved, quickly and effectively.

2) Complex Solutions Cause Catastrophic Failures

Trouble is, most moisture mitigation solutions are extremely complex. From concrete admixtures to spray-on sealants, even the most effective procedures come with a laundry list of stipulations and requirements. Failing to abide by a single one of these arcane get-out clauses can void your warranty - or worse still, cause your moisture protection to fail outright.

Near enough every dealer we've talked to has experienced the pain of flooring failure, and it's lead many to be understandably sceptical of products and warranties alike. The necessary requirements of many moisture mitigation solutions range from the impractical (waiting for new concrete slabs to fully cure) to the impossible (removing every mote of dust from an active construction site).

Given a choice between a profitable moisture solution that carries a real risk of failure, and a lower-margin solution that's simple, effective and guaranteed to solve the root cause of moisture problems, every dealer we talk to has a clear preference: take away the risk.

3) Expensive Installation Means Lost Business

With moisture such a huge and costly risk, it's common practice for complex, labor-intensive moisture mitigation procedures to be built into project bids as standard. But with every dealer taking this stance, this leads to fierce competition and near-uniform bids, with projects won and lost over a matter of cents.

Increasingly though, there's a different way to approach installation. Instead of viewing floor preparation as a necessary prerequisite to installation, it's now possible to cut-out the most costly, time-consuming aspects of floor prep - eliminating moisture testing, adhesive removal and moisture mitigation - all while solving the root cause of moisture problems.

This can be achieved through the use of moisture wicking, cushion-backed carpet tiles, allowing water vapor to evaporate before it ever turns to damaging liquid water. In practical terms, this means your next project bid won't lose out over cents: without the same installation costs, you'll be able to outbid your competitors by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Solving the Moisture Problem

Most dealers build relationships for the long-term, and being called in to discuss loose carpet tiles and musty smells can seriously jeopardize that relationship. With many moisture mitigation solutions imperfect and complicated to use, it's easy to see how flooring projects can descend into a blame game, but regardless of where the buck stops, the end result is the same: a ruined flooring project and a frustrated, out-of-pocket client.

Thankfully, times have changed. It's now possible to take control of moisture risks, and even turn them into a competitive advantage - replacing complex, high-risk Band-Aid solutions with a low-cost, high-efficacy alternative, something that solves the root cause of moisture problems, and not just its symptoms.

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Michael Eckert

Written by Michael Eckert