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Continental Celebrates Shapes & Textures of Earth’s Changing Topographies

Aug 2, 2016 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design

The earth is a never-ending well of inspiration. From lush flora and mineral formations, to the forces that form these evolving terrains, the natural world has been inspiring our new floor covering collections throughout 2016. Discover how we looked to nature once more to create Continental, using our unique lens of Milliken technology and design expertise.

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The Top 5 Office Design Trends of 2016

Jul 28, 2016 / by Mike Brown posted in Design

When organizations decide it’s time for an office redesign, they’re not after a new color scheme and a fresh coat of paint. What they really want is a way to keep employees engaged, improve productivity, and improve workplace flexibility.

The latest office trends all aim to create happier, more productive and healthier workplaces, so today I’m looking at the top 5 office design trends of 2016.

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How to Design a Classroom to Improve Learning

Jul 21, 2016 / by Michael Eckert posted in Design

Improving student achievement is the main priority for all schools. Research shows that classroom design has a significant impact on student performance. So today I’m looking at 5 things you should prioritize in order to design a classroom that creates an environment conducive to learning and student achievement.

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PKWARE: An Open-Concept Office Designed to Connect

Jul 13, 2016 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design

At PKWARE in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, software engineers are uniquely positioned to experience the best of what their industry has to offer – and in turn create the best solutions in their industry. When the company moved offices, they partnered with Chemistry In Place and Milliken to create a flexible and collaborative environment that blends work and play.

From the beginning, PKWARE President and CEO Miller Newton had a clear understanding of today’s workplace: culture is extremely valuable to talent acquisition and employee collaboration – and it is inevitably conveyed in office design. When the opportunity arose to create a new space, Miller was determined to provide a contemporary, collaborative environment to incubate thought and evoke organic industry-leading client solutions.  

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Key Color & Material Trends Curated From NeoCon 2016

Jul 5, 2016 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design

With more than 700 brands introducing new products at NeoCon 2016, experiencing the totality of the largest and most recognizable commercial design event can be quite a challenge. Senior editor of design and product development at WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors, Gemma Riberti summed up show trends with a curated collection of notable products in “NeoCon 2016 – Colour, Material & Finish.”

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3 Ways to Stop Moisture Ruining Your Renovation Project

Jun 30, 2016 / by Michael Eckert posted in Design

In renovation projects, problems with moisture have been increasing rapidly over the last 10 years. Companies that have never had a problem before can undertake a huge renovation project, and find their refreshed space plagued by problematic moisture levels.

Today I’m looking at what causes moisture problems in a renovation project, and how you can prevent them.

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Organic Valley: A Workplace Flooring Case Study

Jun 29, 2016 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design, Performance, Sustainability, Health & Wellness

Health and well-being at Organic Valley go beyond the organic dairy, eggs and produce from the cooperative. They are vital components of its workplace and of all company initiatives. This case study highlights how Organic Valley partnered with Milliken for the first time to create two brand-centric offices in Wisconsin – the company’s headquarters in LaFarge and a new location in Cashton. The resulting spaces not only inspire, but also deliver sustainable workplaces where employee creativity, productivity and well-being thrive.

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Milliken Unveils Award-Winning Flooring at NeoCon 2016

Jun 21, 2016 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design, Inspiration

Second surfaces created through the lens of Milliken technology unveiled the materiality of unearthed elements through three flooring collections - Lapidus, City Proper and Freelay - which Milliken introduced at NeoCon 2016.

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Investing in the Future of Architecture and Interior Design

Jun 16, 2016 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design, Inspiration

In our hyper-connected world, tomorrow quickly becomes today. Investing for the future is critical. We must position our company, and the industries in which we work, to not only survive, but thrive in a competitive marketplace. 

Milliken is supporting key programs to highlight, honor and bring attention to vital factors that direct the future of the architecture and design industry: education, research and young talent. 

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Color Field Floors Four U.S. Offices

May 31, 2016 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design

One flooring collection, if designed well, can lend itself to various interior environments. Explore how Color Field, an award-winning plank modular carpet collection from Milliken, lays the ground for innovative work at these four modern offices throughout the United States.

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