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How to Beat Moisture Problems on New Construction Projects

Jun 22, 2016 / by Michael Eckert posted in Installation

Moisture can be a huge problem for new construction projects. Waiting for newly-poured concrete to cure can take a long time and put you way behind your construction schedule. But rushing to complete the project can cause even bigger problems if you install your flooring too early.

Today I’m looking at how you can prevent moisture-related problems from wreaking havoc on your new construction projects.

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How to Save $3000 on Your Next Flooring Install

Jun 17, 2016 / by Mike Brown posted in Installation

When you’re working on a renovation, project budgets are always going to be tight. So today I’m revealing the hidden cost of flooring installation that could help you save thousands of dollars on your next project.

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Milliken’s Inaugural Project of the Year

Mar 29, 2016 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design, Installation

Project of the Year

Milliken’s Project of the Year celebrates award-worthy designs that highlight Milliken floor covering solutions that illustrate the union of beauty and function. The goal of the internal awards program: to celebrate the hard work of designers, dealers and Milliken associates in creating meaningful design through flooring.

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How Smart Carpet Choices Can Accelerate Office Building Projects

Feb 12, 2016 / by Michael Eckert posted in Installation

When construction schedules are tight (and let’s face it, they always are), every wasted minute is a major problem. Today I’m looking at three ways your choice of flooring can speed up your office building project and reduce the risks of install - without compromising on build quality.

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How to Measure the Moisture of Your Sub-Floor

Feb 8, 2016 / by Michael Eckert posted in Installation

If you’re installing new flooring, it’s vital that you know the moisture levels present in your sub-floor so you can choose appropriate flooring and adhesive products, and protect your investment from moisture damage.

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How to Solve the Biggest Floor Compatibility Problem: Plasticizer Migration

Jan 13, 2016 / by Michael Eckert posted in Installation

Floor compatibility problems can be costly and time-consuming to fix, and often mean expensive replacement and reinstallation costs. Today, I’m looking at how you can solve one of the biggest floor compatibility problems facing your next flooring install: plasticizer migration.

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A Case Study: Milliken & marquardt+ inc Modernize Merchandise Mart

Jan 5, 2016 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design, Installation, Performance, Sustainability

Since 1941, the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois, has been a creative mecca. The art deco landmark is a distinct mainstay of the Chicago landscape. Today, it is the largest commercial building in the world, operating as a wholesale design center and hub of international business. The epic building, which spans 4.2 million gross square feet, sits on two blocks and stands 25 stories high. For the last 47 years, thousands have flocked to the iconic building, brimming with customized showrooms, for NeoCon – the largest design event in North America.

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Carpet Installation Costs

Nov 12, 2015 / by Michael Eckert posted in Installation

There’s no need for carpet installation costs to spiral out of control. Today, I’m exploring ways to reduce four of the biggest hidden costs of installation: moisture management, labor, warranties, and priming and sealing.

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Why Do Office Carpet Tiles Come in Different Sizes?

Oct 29, 2015 / by Prem Patel posted in Installation

Carpet tile specifications can be a jumble of different sizes, shapes and measurements. From big 1m2 tiles to narrow carpet ‘planks’, it can be difficult to determine the right shape and size for your organization to use. With that in mind, we’re taking a look at the most common office carpet tile sizes – and exploring the pros and cons of each.

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4 Easy Moisture Prevention Solutions for Your Next Flooring Install

Oct 14, 2015 / by Prem Patel posted in Installation

Sub-floor moisture can wreak havoc with your flooring. To help you avoid a long, costly installation process, and mitigate the problems of mold, mildew and loose flooring, we’re looking at 4 easy moisture prevention solutions for your next flooring install.

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