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8 Factors that Affect Office Carpet Durability

Dec 18, 2015 / by Michael Eckert posted in Performance

You want to be sure that the office carpet you’ve chosen will last for years, and still look good, so today I’m outlining the eight factors that affect carpet durability - from most to least important.

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How Fiber Type Impacts Office Carpet Performance and Longevity

Oct 21, 2015 / by Prem Patel posted in Performance

Just how important is your choice of carpet fiber? Today, we’re comparing the most common types of carpet fiber used in commercial applications – and looking at their impact on the performance and longevity of your carpet.

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Buying Office Carpet? Stop Falling for These 5 Specification Myths

Oct 20, 2015 / by Michael Eckert posted in Performance

With some many types of carpet to choose between, it can be difficult for organizations to choose the right carpet for their needs. The problem is worsened by a handful of carpet specification myths that crop up, time and time again. Today, I’m busting those myths.

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The Hidden Role of Cushion Backing in Office Carpet Tiles

Oct 13, 2015 / by Michael Eckert posted in Performance

There’s more to cushion backing than comfort alone. To help you understand the importance of cushioned carpet in your office(s), we’re looking at the hidden benefits cushion has over hard backing: from quicker installation to longer appearance retention.

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Performance Floors at Clemson University's Madren Conference Center

Oct 12, 2015 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design, Performance

When pride is the mantra instilled throughout a university, from academics and sports to personal actions, it must be reflected through the physical spaces of the university itself. This project highlights how Clemson University and Southeastern-based design firm LS3P partnered with Milliken to maintain a sense of pride for the Madren Conference Center at Clemson University.

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What’s the Impact of Flooring on Classroom Performance?

Oct 8, 2015 / by Prem Patel posted in Performance

When choosing flooring for your school, there’s more to consider than price and design alone. Today, we’re looking at how flooring impacts four important areas of classroom performance, and giving you the information you need to make the right flooring choice for your school.
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15 Questions to Ask Your Carpet Tile Manufacturer

Sep 29, 2015 / by Michael Eckert posted in Performance

Before you spend a dollar of your flooring budget, you need to understand the unique needs of your organization. To help you choose the right carpet tiles, we’ve put together 15 essential questions to ask your carpet tile manufacturer: offering key insights into appearance retention, design, installation and health.

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4 Reasons Carpet Tiles Last Longer Than Broadloom

Sep 22, 2015 / by Prem Patel posted in Performance

Carpet tiles and broadloom are both popular choices for flooring. If you’re trying to decide between the two, and you’re looking to maximize every cent of your flooring budget, it’s important to consider the longevity of each.

To help you make the right flooring decision, we’re looking at four reasons carpet tiles last longer than broadloom.

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