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How Flooring Can Inspire Your Organization

Feb 20, 2017 / by Mike Brown

The costs of absent employees are well known, but it’s estimated that the hidden costs of unfocused and unproductive employees are twice as much.

The physical office environment is an ideal starting point for helping employees feel motivated and happy at work. Today we're sharing how flooring can influence your workplace, and how the right choice can exponentially amplify your employees' productivity.

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Are You Covered by Your Commercial Carpet Warranty?

Feb 15, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Manufacturer warranties for flooring are often incredibly complicated: a tangle of exacting requirements to follow to the letter, or else your warranty is void.

To help minimize the risk of invalidating your warranty, and incurring the substantial costs of flooring failure, we've identified four of the most common stipulations that can catch out customers during the lifetime of their flooring.

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How Your Choice of Restaurant Flooring can Influence Ambiance

Feb 13, 2017 / by Mike Brown

A welcoming, comfortable environment is essential for attracting and keeping loyal customers, and the ambience of an interior can make or break a restaurant.

It may come as a surprise to realize that your choice of flooring makes one of the most significant contributions to the ambiance of a restaurant. Flooring covers the entirety of your space, and has a noticeable impact on guests' first impressions.

So how exactly does your choice of flooring affect restaurant ambiance?

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How is Commercial Grade Carpet Different from Residential?

Feb 6, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Some carpet manufacturers offer both residential and commercial grade carpet. Today I'm reviewing how each type of carpet is specifically designed and constructed to meet the unique needs of its environment and identifying the five main differences between commercial and residential carpet.

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7 Ways to Create a Quieter Office Space

Feb 1, 2017 / by Mike Brown

Noise levels are one of the biggest sources of workplace complaints. As well as hampering productivity, prolonged exposure to even relatively low levels of office noise leads to elevated stress levels.

To tackle the growing levels of office noise complaints, we're looking at seven changes you can make to create a quieter office space for clients.

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4 Reasons Why Designers Should Embrace Cushion-Backed Carpet

Jan 30, 2017 / by Mike Brown

When designing a commercial space, there are a staggering number of flooring options to consider. It can be difficult to differentiate between the estimated 27,000 flooring products on the market and identify the one that best suits your project.

With many flooring manufacturers using the same type of yarn and similar construction techniques in their carpet, one of the main differentiators goes entirely unseen once the flooring is installed: the carpet tile backing. Today I'm looking at four reasons why cushion-backed carpet should be your go-to floor covering for interior environments.

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Lapidus Installation Concepts Look Book Explores Design Possibilities

Jan 26, 2017 / by Mollie Williams posted in Design, Inspiration

One collection. Exponential possibilities.

The patterns unearthed in nature are endless, and so should the potential for the interior floor plane. Our award-winning Lapidus modular carpet collection makes a seemingly complex floor design simple to bring to life with a curated kit of design elements.

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The Real Costs of Moisture Problems for Dealers and Their Clients

Jan 25, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Whether it's flooring adhesives re-emulsifying, or mold and mildew taking hold, moisture problems can cripple a project. Worse still, complex moisture mitigation solutions and imperfect testing procedures mean that every project comes laden with real risk of failure. Today, we're looking at the real costs of moisture problems.

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3 Startling Consequences of Everyday Interior Design Decisions

Jan 25, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Your interior design decisions play an important role in the success of new construction and renovation projects alike, and your choices can have surprising long-term consequences for your clients.

One of the most problematic areas of any interior design project is flooring. While it may seem like a simple choice between different design options, in reality it’s much more complex than that: Your choice of flooring has a significant impact on employee health and wellness, and even determines the likelihood of total project success - or failure.

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How Architects Can Avoid the Huge Costs of Flooring Moisture Problems

Jan 25, 2017 / by Michael Eckert

Not all moisture mitigation products work. In some cases, this is a clear-cut case of a product not living up to its own marketing hype, but more commonly, products fall foul of their own complex usage instructions. Today, we're looking at a simple, effective strategy for solving the root cause of moisture problems - and removing the risk that threatens every project.

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